Name To Know: Blazé Milano Is Every Fashion Insider’s Sartorial Secret Weapon

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Blazé Milano

Blazé girls: Sole Torlonia, Delfina Pinardi and Corrada Rodriguez D’Acri | Photography by Lorenzo Brigheli

A blazer is one of those wardrobe staples that possesses style-defining capabilities, and this relatively new brand is reinventing the cult classic with aplomb…

Set up by a trio of female fashion minds, Blazé Milano was created by Corrada Rodriguez D’Acri, Delfina Pinardi and Sole Torlonia who all met while working at Elle Italia. With a clear passion and encyclopedic knowledge of style, luxury and couture details, the girls formed Blazé in 2016. The name is inspired by the word Bla-sé (Blä-zé) and its nonchalant yet sophisticated connotations.

“The inception of Blazé Milano was more of an inspiration rather than an idea.” Sole tells us. “The Blazer as a garment has existed for generations and we felt that it was time to add another twist to the iconic piece.”  As ex-stylists for Elle Italia, the girls were well versed in what modern women want.

“Our lives were in fashion and therefore we were surrounded by all of the latest trends, but sometimes thinking of trends doesn’t always fit into your lifestyle, as ours were very much on the go! The idea of wearing a blazer with a simple pair of jeans appealed – they shouldn’t be reserved for matching pants in an office – that is what inspired us.”

Blazé Milano


“The motivation was looking classic and chic, while still running around in your favourite more casual items.” The intention was always for the blazers to be worn as accessories, and “adopt your style and mood”.

While all the girls have a clear affinity with fashion and are anchored by the same sartorial values, they also recognise the small style nuances which make them a thrice as astute.

“We definitely have a similar style, the base is the same and then each one of us has a personal tone- I tend to lean towards boho, Delfina to rock, and Sole to romance.” Corrada says. “I basically live and sleep in jeans and t-shirts. If I’m not wearing those I then go for a totally bohemian and gypsy look.” She served as Contributing Fashion Editor of Elle Italia, and has collaborated with other major magazines.

Blazé Milano

Corrada Rodriguez D’Acri

Delfine, a former stylist and fashion consultant, admits to being slightly more neutral in her approach. “I am usually always wearing black, sometimes mixed with grey, navy, burgundy and white. I have a very clean style mixed with family accessories – like my mom’s ’70’s belt, or my grandma’s ring, or dad’s old shirt.”

Delfina Pinardi

“I’m usually in jeans, a t-shirt and a cashmere jumper in winter. I must say that I have become quite picky with the quality of the fabric, I only love wearing natural fibres and of course I always have a blazer on my shoulder,” Sole says. Having earned her fashion stripes at Fendi and Valentino before Elle, she should know.

Sole Torlonia

When navigating the business, the trio manage to compliment and motivate each other through their varying roles within the brand. Corrada is the designer and spends time hotfooting around textile fairs sourcing wools and tartans from Scotland and England, silks from Italy, and velvets and lamé from France, and also planning collections.

Sole is Sales Director, so responsible for sales campaigns and buyers appointments, while Delfina is the Project Manager so her day involves castings, model fittings, collaborations, look book shoots and liaising with press.


So what is it about humble blazer that these three love so much? “The blazers have a timeless feeling, and are very classic. They mix the masculine appeal we always want, with feminine. We all feel empowered with a Blazé on, and naturally they are perfect for every occasion.” Delfina says.

She also tells us how people fell in love with the Smiley Pocket blazer – the brand’s now signature piece – which is testament to their strength in attention to detail as well as their customer’s desire for a  classic with a signature point of difference, “It’s a trade mark, without being a loud ‘logo’” Delfina explains. “If you see a smiley pocket, you know that is a Blazé Blazer, 100% made in Italy and full of details and care.”


The girls spent an entire 10 months creating their first garment back in 2016 – perfecting the cut, selecting the purest of luxury fabrics and cementing those signature details. Fast forward to today, and they have already amassed a cult following including Alexa Chung, Emma Stone and Kendall Jenner. 

Among their favorites though, is French model and muse Caroline de Maigret. “Corrada met her at her first book signing at Colette, Paris, five years ago,” Delfina says. “And from that moment this incredible woman became a fan of the brand and has worn our blazers many times. She is exactly the type of woman Blazé has in mind, she is THE Blazé daily inspiration.”

Strength and class is something that all the Blazé girls admire in women, they are attributes that Corrada, Delfina and Sole emit through Blazé Milano, too. They incarnate strength and class in blazer form, and aid all of those wearing their brand towards feeling the same sense of power.

Blazé Milano is available at Matches Fashion.

  • Photography by Lorenzo Brigheli
  • Words by Elaine Lloyd-Jones