In Conversation with Cult Eyewear Brand Gentle Monster

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Creating high-end experimental eyewear at a feasible price point, South Korean brand Gentle Monster has the answer to your summer shades dilemma. Offering ultra-modern designs that boast high fashion appeal, the frames are A-list approved with a cult supermodel following that includes Hailey Bieber and Kaia Gerber. Here, MOJEH talks to the brand’s Global Project Development Team to discuss the Middle Eastern market, the importance of individuality and how to stay ahead of the trend-driven curve.  

How does Gentle Monster appeal to the Middle East?
We certainly all know eyewear is very important to the Middle Eastern customer. Gentle Monster presents the largest selection of models per season and we can cover everyone’s taste and need. We believe Gentle Monster offers something that no other eyewear brand can: quality fashion eyewear with the best retail experience. 

Gentle Monster

The brand launched in 2011, but did when did it become a cult name in eyewear?
The brand’s popularity actually started to rapidly grow a few years ago. We definitely had a strong presence before that for our approach as an eyewear brand but has since took off to a whole new level with a global outreach and approach. I think people are more open to the idea of investing in different eyewear and we believe Gentle Monster stands out in the market. 

What was the inspiration behind the brand?
CEO Hankook Kim saw an opportunity in eyewear and added his desire to create something that has never been seen before. Hankook Kim noticed a gap in the market for the more affordable luxury eyewear which also suits the Asian demographic taste and demand, as well as soon developing and catering to the global interest for the brand.


What makes Gentle Monster so unique?
Gentle Monster doesn’t limit itself to brands of fashion eyewear. We constantly try to change how people shop and experience space. We certainly don’t have to do, but we do it because we want to do something different and that’s in our DNA. When people think of Gentle Monster it is not just eyewear, there is an added story and experience and that is what makes GM unique. 

How important is individuality when it comes to designing?
Individuality is a top priority for us! Gentle Monster breaks the barrier of normality by providing designs to suit everyone. People will be able to truly express their own style, personality and individuality with their pair of Gentle Monster eyewear.

Gentle Monster

What does your creative process look like?
Our CEO and director come up with a vision and the creatives expand and visualize the story. Then, we decide what element we need, and our specialists create things from kinetic pieces, robots, ceramics, fabric art etc. There is no one fixed process, its mostly organic. We constantly question our decisions whether its new, different or interesting. 

How does the brand stay ahead in a digital market?
Don’t do anything everyone else does. Constantly be on the move and study the world. It’s all about, being individual and having something for everyone.

Gentle Monster

Tell us about your popular eyewear accessories?
This is Gentle Monster’s first accessories series. The collection includes a wide range of styles, from chain link designs adding luxury layers to your everyday styling, to experimental pieces for a new eyewear statement with a sense of humor. 

What inspired the line — was there a particular muse in mind?
As a dedicated eyewear brand, it was a natural process that took a long time to perfect so they could be for everyone. Just like our range of eyewear, the accessories are also for everyone. There is something for everyone, from jewellery like chains to the more sporty and athleisure options.

Gentle Monster

You’ve collaborated with labels such as Alexander Wang and Fendi, who would you like to work with next?
We are very open to any brand if it is a brand that shares the same value as we do. Newness and quality. There are no limits. 

Gentle Monster eyewear is available at The Dubai Mall flagship store, via Farfetch or

  • Images: Courtesy of Gentle Monster