How Proenza Stole The Show

2 min 5 sec

Witty, upbeat and glamorous.  These are the words used to best describe the vibe of the Proenza Schouler show at New York Fashion Week. As editors and socialites flooded to the state to witness the next big thing in fashion Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez were quietly preparing a collection that spoke to the consumer of today.  Bar jacket silhouettes reminiscent of the Fifties, mesh inserts on bias cut cocktail dresses and even ostrich plumes deconstructed and applied onto fabrics were amongst a few of the inventive details the designers put forth in their collection of 39 looks.

But why is Proenza Schouler the MOJEH favourite?  In a time when fast fashion has become the norm it is refreshing to see the emphasis on artisanal techniques undertaken in the production of this collection.  The duo visited Japan to source a loom that could weave tiny strips of paper leather into shiny separates, hunted down the best couture ateliers in Paris for handwork and even received special permission from artist John Currin, to recreate a sweater inspired by a painting of his wife.  In the seven months leading up to the show, the designers really incorporated elements that make luxury fashion, a true luxury.