The Prada Vault

2 min 44 sec

The average Prada show is a cornucopia of cultural references, from political stances to the current economy. Consequently, one knows beforehand to be prepared for everything and anything at one of Miuccia’s shows,

So it seems only fitting that during Milan Fashion Week, this prophetic purveyor of fashion trends revisited the Maisons’ illustrious archives: It was nothing short of genius. There were ultra-mini silk shorts reminiscent of Fifties bathing suits circa Prada s/s17, marabou trimmed robe-coats and flat shoes in plastics circa Prada s/s10. All were stained a delicious colour palette of frosty candy hues, in addition to hints of brick and red. There was a sense of revival here but not in the typical sense. Ideas were remoulded into something altogether new in an unorthodox manner – paving the wave for the new Prada woman. Considering the band’s sales plummeted in Asia earlier this year, the new collection might well be Prada’s saving grace. 

  • Dmitri Ruwan