How The Ultimate Fashion Buyer is Navigating Life Under Lockdown

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Natalie Kingham, fashion and buying director of Matches Fashion

MOJEH talks to the fashion and buying director of Matches Fashion, Natalie Kingham, to discuss her WFH style, new quarantine hobbies and what’s currently in her shopping basket.

How are you finding the transition to a new working life in lockdown?
I am working from home so there isn’t much down-time currently. My day is filled with many zoom call meetings with my team and the wider business, if I get an opportunity I will stop for 20 minutes for lunch in the garden.

How do you spend time with your family while in self-isolation?
I really enjoy playing backgammon with my daughter now that the evenings are lighter, this reminds me of being on holiday, so we play at least once a week.

Natalie Kingham is keeping her WFH wardrobe comfy, yet chic

What do you miss the most about your pre-quarantine lifestyle? 
Travelling to see many of the designers and being able to brainstorm in person in the office with my team. Also just generally being able to go outside and be sociable.

What is your go-to WFH outfit?
I like to stay effortless and comfortable in the house. Dresses by Zanini, shirting by Charles Jeffrey, footwear from By Walid and knitwear by Matty Bovan or Joos Tricot.

What is currently in your shopping basket?
A canvas jacket by Bolt x Edie Ashley; a white shirt by Art School; a lunch set by Matilda Goad; the book The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle; and for beauty, Costa Brazil face oil.

Natalie Kingham

Canvas jacket, BOLT X EDIE ASHLEY

Natalie Kingham


White shirt, ART SCHOOL

Have self-isolation inspired you to eat healthier?
I am pretty well-behaved and eat healthy with a mixture of freshly made juices, salads and warming soups or fish and vegetables in the evening.

What is your current go-to app to connect with friends and family?
Zoom for work, Instagram for our community of designers and Spotify for music.

What is the first thing you will do post-quarantine?
Jump on a plane to Italy to Il Pellicano Hotel near Rome with my boyfriend and a group of our friends.

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  • Images: Matches Fashion