Haute Hangouts: Row On 45, Grosvenor House, Dubai

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Image courtesy of Row on 45

Renowned chef Jason Atherton welcomes innovative new dishes to the 17-course offering at Row on 45. MOJEH’s tip? Come hungry, for both food and adventure

Taking guests on an opulent culinary journey through a spectacular, 17-course tasting menu, Row on 45 is an immersive dining experience where performance and ambiance are as integral as the dishes on the award-winning menu. Located atop the 45th floor of Grosvenor House, A Luxury Collection Hotel in Dubai Marina, diners arrive at an intimate, softly lit space reminiscent of a lived-in penthouse complete with art deco-inspired wallpaper, whimsical artworks and an eclectic array of armchairs to sink into.

Living room or fine-dining restaurant? You decide.

Only 22 guests per seating are able to enjoy the extensive menu, which has been revamped to include innovative dishes highlighting chef Jason Atherton’s signature marriage of Asian and European flavours. Think: wagyu over binchotan charcoal, bafun uni with Norwegian langoustine custard and chilli crab served inside takoyaki (a Japanese dough ball, for the unfamiliar) influenced by Singapore’s famous dish.

The cuisine at Row on 45 is almost too beautiful to eat. Almost.

The evening unfolds in three acts, each of which takes place in a different section of the sprawling restaurant. The first act welcomes guests into the champagne lounge for one-bite appetisers while the second, dubbed The Pinnacle, sees main courses served in the dining room up-close-and-personal with an impressive open kitchen. For The Grand Finale, diners meander to the Chef’s Library to indulge in British and Japanese desserts before concluding the extravagant affair with a top-secret 17th course. The theatrical experience paired with a gastronomic journey through Jason Atherton’s travels makes Row on 45 a must-visit for any epicurean. Have doubts? Row stands for ‘refinement of work’, indicating everything you need to know about the passion and attention to detail that has afforded Jason Atherton his countless accolades. Book now

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  • Words by Savanna Smith