How To Get Chanel’s Couture Beauty Look

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Chanel's makeup artist, Michel Kiwarkis, shares exclusive tips with MOJEH on how to recreate Chanel's Haute Couture beauty look step-by-step.

Model: América González. Photo courtesy of Chanel.

Words: Graciela Martin

All images courtesy of Chanel


We all relish a vibrant, colourful, and imaginative makeup look. Yet as spring and summer unfurl their charm, we seek fresh beauty inspiration for the upcoming season. Chanel’s recent Haute Couture Spring Summer 2024 collection was among our top picks. We had the opportunity to speak with Chanel’s makeup artist, Michel Kiwarkis, who shared exclusive insights with MOJEH on how to recreate that coveted couture beauty look. Keep reading!

Photo courtesy of Chanel.


The Prelude to Perfection: Skin Prep. The journey to a flawless look starts with pristine skin. Michel’s go-to? Chanel L’Eau Micellaire. This exquisite micellar water not only purifies but also invigorates, ensuring your skin is perfectly prepped for what’s next.

Photo courtesy of Chanel.


Prime for Radiance: Selecting the ideal primer sets the stage for a radiant complexion. Michel suggests Chanel’s Les Beiges in three stunning shades: White, Icy Beige, and Light Copper. Match the primer to your skin tone for a beautifully natural base.



Foundation: The Art of Elegance: Michel’s favourite, Les Beiges Complexion Touch, stands out in the realm of foundations. Its innovative formula, rich with ultra-fine micro-droplet pigments, ensures a blend so seamless, it’s as if the foundation and your skin become one.


Eyes: A Subtle Statement For eyes that captivate with quiet sophistication, the Les Beiges eyeshadow palette is Michel’s choice. Offering five shades of pink, from satin to shimmer, it’s perfect for crafting an understated yet elegant look suitable for any occasion.

Photo courtesy of Chanel.


Cheeks: Touched by Soft Light To mimic the gentle touch of sunlight on your cheeks, Michel prefers a light pink blush from the Les Beiges collection, perfect for achieving a soft, luminous glow.

Photo courtesy of Chanel.


Perfect Lips: For lips that are tender and subtly tinted, Michel recommends the Coco Baume, offering a light, natural touch. It’s the ideal finish to a look that champions grace and subtlety.


Photo courtesy of Chanel.


Michel Kawarkis, Chanel Makeup Artist. Photo courtesy of Chanel.

Michel’s Season Must-Have

This season, the Les Beiges Winter Glow stands out as a must-have. Michel is captivated by its texture, formula, and shades, hailing it as a standout in the Chanel beauty collection.

Chanel Beauty Essentials

  1. L’Eau Micellaire – The perfect beginning to your beauty ritual, ensuring a fresh, clean base.
  2. Les Beiges Primer – Available in White, Icy Beige, or Light Copper to enhance and hydrate your complexion.
  3. Les Beiges Complexion Touch – A foundation that merges seamlessly with your skin for a flawless, natural look.
  4. Les Beiges Eyeshadow Palette – A spectrum of pinks for subtly captivating eyes.
  5. Les Beiges Blush – For a soft, sun-kissed glow on the cheeks.
  6. Rouge Coco Baume – The final stroke for lips that are both nourished and gracefully coloured.

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