Chloé Has A Pop-Up Floral Boutique In The Heart Of Dubai

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Atelier des Fleurs, the exclusive fragrance collection by Chloé, makes its debut in the Middle East

Choosing a fragrance is an intimate process. It has to be meaningful and able to match a multitude of moods; it should not overpower, but should linger long enough to make others aware of your presence. And, well, it should smell beautiful and look beautiful, too. Enter: Chloé’s Atelier des Fleurs collection.

Atelier des Fleurs features an array of fragrances designed for layering, similar to building the perfect floral arrangement, and offers wearers the opportunity to craft a bespoke fragrance. If you are someone that treasures a tailored-to-you fragrance that keeps those around you guessing, this is the collection you have been searching for. Each fragrance has been meticulously crafted by a renowned perfumer, bringing childhood memories and cherished moments to life through scent. Perfumer Mylène Alran, for instance, created the Verbena fragrance in memory of the verbena she plucked from her parents’ garden as a child, while Amandine Clerc-Marie let memories of a sun-drenched Seville inform the Neroli fragrance. With bottles of lavender, rose, magnolia, cedarwood and jasmine among the collection, there is plenty for every preference.

To celebrate the arrival of Atelier des Fleurs in the Middle East, Chloé has created a nature-inspired installation in the heart of Dubai. Venture into Bloomingdale’s Dubai Mall and follow the soft scent of florals to find the immersive pop-up, where shoppers can discover the Atelier des Fleurs collection for the first time in the region among a breathtaking display of blooms.

Once you’ve selected your fragrance, they are wrapped as in a floral boutique and presented alongside a bouquet. Discover Chloé Atelier des Fleurs in Bloomingdale’s Dubai Mall.

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  • Words by Savanna Smith