The List: 7 Must-Try Korean Beauty Products for 2024

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Words Graciela Martin

Korean beauty has been the rage of the decade. And we’ve all tried at least a product or two and have tried to discover the secrets behind what makes them so amazing.

The allure of Korean beauty products lies in their unique approach to skincare, emphasizing hydration, gentle formulation, and innovative technology, it’s no surprise that Hollywood movie stars swear by them for their flawless complexion and achieving that award-season glow.

The Korean beauty philosophy swears that prevention is better than a trying to find a cure. That’s why last few years they’ve placed more focus skin care products and less on makeup.

However, not all skin care products are made equal and Now with so many products available on the market it’s easy to get analysis paralysis.

We’ve searched the web, sifted through lists and asked some of Mojeh’s informers to recommend some of the best picks to make 2024 the year of good skin.  From lavish cleansing balms to dreamy essences, we’ve curated a list rich in products that nurture, protect, and enhance your skin.


1) Then I Met You Living Cleansing Balm

Ideal for a double-cleanse routine, this cleansing balm is a favorite of Erica Choi, a creative director and licensed esthetician. It’s known for its luxurious texture that efficiently removes makeup, including waterproof varieties, leaving the skin feeling soft and thoroughly cleansed. Available at Soko Glam and Cult Beauty.


2) KraveBeauty Makeup Re-Wined Transforming Jelly Oil Cleanser

A jelly oil cleanser that excels in removing daily impurities, sunscreen, and waterproof makeup. It’s gentle on the skin and avoids the dreaded “panda eyes” effect, making it a pleasant part of any skincare routine. Check out at


3) Abib Heartleaf Spa Pad

These spa pads focus on soothing and hydrating the skin, utilizing the benefits of heartleaf extract. They are perfect for calming irritated skin while providing essential moisture. Available at Coscorea.


nua Heartleaf Pad & Toner

4) Anua Heartleaf Pad & Toner

An effective combination of pad and toner, these products leverage heartleaf’s soothing properties. They are designed to balance and prepare the skin for subsequent skincare steps.


5) Manyo Factory Cleansing Product

A cleansing solution that emphasizes gentle yet effective cleaning, suitable for daily use and maintaining the skin’s natural balance.

6) Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum

A highly acclaimed serum known for its ability to rejuvenate and nourish the skin. It’s a staple for those seeking a radiant and healthy complexion. Check the Sulwhasoo site for more.


Dr Jart+ available at Sephora.

7) Dr Jart Cicapair Repair Cream

A cream known for its restorative properties, particularly beneficial for sensitive and irritated skin. It helps to calm redness and promote healing. It won’t miraculously conceal large spots entirely or acne scars, but it does give your skin luminosity, and it diminishes redness around the cheeks and nose. Testers mentioned it improved skin appearance considerably after only one application. Available at