Fendi Partners With Sarah Jessica Parker For A Limited-Edition Baguette Bag

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Sarah Jessica Parker is co-designing a Fendi Baguette Bag in honour of And Just Like That…

Sales for the Fendi Baguette skyrocketed when Carrie Bradshaw was seen sporting the iconic silhouette on Sex and the City and now, 21 years later, Sarah Jessica Parker has partnered with Fendi to release a brand-new limited-edition version.

Eagle-eyed fans of Sex And The City revival And Just Like That… will have already spotted the Baguette on screen in episode nine; the sequinned fuchsia creation is certainly hard to miss. Its maxi 3D sequins and Fendi buckle pay homage to the original purple Baguette which was first unveiled on Fendi’s Autumn/Winter 1999 catwalk and became synonymous with the hit series. Fendi rereleased the bag in 2019.

Since its release, Fendi has sold over one million versions of the Baguette and, with the reemergence of 2000s fashion, it’s no surprise that the bag is gaining popularity with younger shoppers (while those of us who were actually alive for the launch are unearthing it from our wardrobes). Fendi hasn’t shared many details other than that it will be released in February, so stay tuned. Discover other styles

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