Couture Watch: Behind the Scenes

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By Susan Devaney

The beauty has always been in the details. From hand stitched perfection to mosaic masterpieces, the fashion world has never faltered on the frontline of creating complex couture.

Nestled away backstage in Paris, the seamstresses weave their magic. From sensitively sowing garments to hand stitching every detailed bead by bead, the magic-makers are in full swing for the entire week. Every piece of fabric is poised to perfection before it hits the runway for 2016. 

In tandem, the models and make-up artists depict their art. Hair is constructed, make-up is perfected and models are styled into the parts to play. 

All images courtesy of Gareth Cattermole, Getty

Before a show begins the door always remains closed. The shots captured in the moments leading up to the hype illustrate the hustle and bustle. Like every great fairytale there’s a beginning, middle and an end. The finale ends on the runway.