Three Spring Trends That Are Modest Dressing Friendly

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Left to right: AZ Factory, Alain Paul, Saint Laurent, Issey Miyake

All images: Spotlight/Launchmetrics.

The Spring 2024 fashion landscape is undergoing significant transformation, highlighted by the exits of creative directors from McQueen and Chloé, coupled with the eagerly anticipated second collection from Sabato de Sarno for Gucci.

Amidst this shift and houses sticking to their core, a certain mood has heralded a new era for modest wear, setting the stage for a new chapter in fashion. Designers, consciously or unconsciously, have been offering styles perfectly suited for those who would prefer to bear less skin. There have been plenty of looks and trends that have real-life wearability and versatility. Here are three of MOJEH’s favourites that will see you through spring and beyond:


Dresses Over Trousers

The resurgence of dresses paired with trousers is a delightful nod to early millennium fashion, witnessed on the runways of Rokh, Proenza Schouler, Y-Projec, and up-and-comer London Fashion Week star Nicole Zisman, among others. This trend champions versatility and creativity, allowing for endless mix-and-match possibilities. 

Opt for dresses and trousers in similar fabrics and weights to keep the look cohesive. This pairing refreshes your wardrobe staples and adds a layer of modesty, ensuring comfort without compromising on style.

Valentino Haute Couture SS24


Rokh SS24


Y Project


Proenza Schouler channels Céline vibes in times of Phoebe Philo

Nicole Zisman layers trousers beneath a skirt, utilising a monochrome palette of warm hues.


Alain Paul opted for a sculptural shape.

Head Covers

Head coverings have emerged as a prominent theme from the sleek runways of Saint Laurent to the intricate showcases of Dolce & Gabbana and Emporio Armani. This trend transcends cultural boundaries, offering a canvas for self-expression through vibrant silk scarves and innovative designs. 

Whether for modesty or as a fashion statement, head coverings can be seamlessly integrated into your spring wardrobe, adding a touch of elegance and mystery to your ensemble.


Vivetta in matching floral print.


Baclava style at Saint Laurent

Brands like Vivetta and Anna Sui infused their collections with colour for a more bucolic aesthetic, while Saint Laurent adopted a design suggestive of a balaclava.

Lavender-coloured wrap style showcased at Emporio Armani.


Anna Sui embraces bucolic vibes.

Layered Lengths

Our third trend is the artful layering of different lengths, creating a dynamic silhouette that marries modesty with modernity. Imagine a calf-length tunic over a floor-grazing skirt or a sleek midi dress layered over a longer, sheer base. 

This approach adds depth and interest to your outfit and allows for adaptable coverage that is suitable for various occasions. The key to mastering this trend is in the play of proportions and the harmony of colours and textures, ensuring each layer complements the next.

Perfect examples here feature Saint Laurent, playing with contrast and cut, Balenciaga layering a hoodie underneath and implementing a boxy, oversized silhouette, and AZ Factory keeping it light and elegant.


Saint Laurent


Balenciaga’s SS4 collection experimented with three lengths and a loose, boxy silhouette.


AZ Factory exemplifies the art of layering sheer fabrics while maintaining modesty and refinement.


Masterful colour layering at Issey Miyake.