Five Ways To Guarantee Success This Veganuary

4 min read

With a new year comes optimistic resolutions, where we decide to overhaul our routines for the better. First up? Veganuary. If you would like to go green this month but don’t know where to start, we have got you covered. Here, Dimple Khitri, founder of Dubai’s Being Vegan bakery and author of Being Rawesomely Vegan shares her top tips

Define your why. Be it for animal cruelty or health reasons, it’s important to have a genuine purpose for turning vegan as you are more likely to stick to it.

Check out your local grocery stores and restaurants. The UAE has so many vegan options available everywhere, from supermarkets to restaurants and coffee shops. Even desserts — at Being Vegan we offer everything from chocolates, brownies, cookies, cakes, dessert jars and breads too.

Change starts in the kitchen. It’s essential to be able to cook if you are going to take the plunge. There are plenty of plant-based cookbooks catering to every ability, making flavoursome home-cooked vegan dishes accessible to everyone. Be sure to invest in a few.

Enjoy everything. If chocolate and cheese are staples in your diet, you don’t need to give them up — you just need to find new versions. From mozzarella and white pasta sauce to sushi, everything can be made vegan and taste just as good.

Believe in yourself. If you find yourself struggling to stick to it, remind yourself of your goal and believe that with every bite you are nourishing your body. Trust your willpower.

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