Exhibition Of The Month: Her by Marjorie Salvaterra

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Travelling to London this summer? Be sure to stop by Ralph Pucci for a new female-focused exhibition by photographer Marjorie Salvaterra

We love a trip to London, especially with a visit to a brilliant exhibition thrown in. That’s why we’re particularly excited about this summer and a visit to Ralph Pucci, where Marjorie Salvaterra’s latest exhibition Her will be running until mid-August. Known for her ability to investigate the many, and often contradictory, roles demanded of women in modern life, the photographer explores the creatively uncertain spaces inhabited when we are ‘in between’. “In my roles as a wife, mother, woman, sister, daughter, aunt and friend, I assumed you had to be all things to all people, balance it all and look like you had it all together,” Marjorie tells MOJEH. “My work deals with the idea of trying to balance it all and showing the cracks, hopefully with pathos and humour.” Expect a series of black and white depictions in a seriously stylish space.

Photographer Marjorie Salvaterra conveys the emotions of balancing life’s responsibilities through a tongue-in-cheek lens

Her runs until mid-August at Ralph Pucci, 18 Albemarle St, London W1S 4HR. Explore Marjorie’s works here

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  • Words by Naomi Chadderton