Dana Hourani Makes Her Musical Debut And You Will Love Her First Single

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Dana Hourani
Courtesy of Abdulla Elmaz

One of the region’s most fashionable stars has officially made her foray into the music industry…

It’s hard to find a regional trendsetter that can literally do anything. Dana Hourani has expanded her stylish expertise into fashion (where she previously added fashion designer to her resume after teaming up with Beirut-based brand, Boyfriend) and now, the Instagram star is diving into the music industry.

Long known for her soulful voice, Dana has just released her highly-anticipated debut single, titled Ella Enta – marking a major step in her music career.

Also, not only is this Dana’s first song in Arabic but the style muse has infused a clear-cut message translated through the lyrics.

“The song is about a public figure who despite her success can only find peace and inspiration in love,” Dana explained. “It is a rendition of my life as a modern Arab woman who questions the boundaries we draw between what is public and what is private, between life projected on social media and reality. It is about me using the universal language of music to reflect what I usually express in my photographs: the correlation between East and West that inspires my visual art. Ella Enta is my attempt to translate into Arabic, the emotions that so far I have been so accustomed to expressing in English.”

Watch the official music video here…

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  • Words by Meeran Mekkaoui