Watch Now: The New Guerlain Rouge G

Up close and personal: Lipstick is reinvented with Guerlain Rouge G


Any beauty aficionado will tell you that the Guerlain Rouge G Lipstick is an iconic pout staple. Launched back in 2009 the lipstick, with its highly pigmented and incredibly luminous formula, has managed to remain a cult beauty staple. Its one-of-a-kind double mirror case – designed by the famous jeweller Lorenz Bäumer – make it Guerlain’s first and only legendary lipstick. Today the famous bullet cased rouge gets a worthy-update for 2018 and it’s all about customisation. Fans can create their very own version of Rouge G starting with the famous casing; from crocodile to rose gold-tinted shell, there are 15 ultra-stylish designs to pick from. Then it’s onto the actual lipstick colour, with 30 shades that can be mixed and matched to achieve the desired tone. And the customisation doesn’t end there –  names can be engraved on the casing for that extra personal touch.

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