This Pipe Braid Is The Perfect Holiday Hairstyle, Here’s How To Master It

Words by Gracie Stewart

1 min read

Nothing says festive like a show-stopping hairstyle, and this pipe braid will take you from the office party to a gathering with friends.

Dubbed the “pipe braid” by its inventor Danish hairstylist and Oribe Hair Care education ambassador Nicci Welsh, the new braid style is a tube shape of hair that runs front the front to the back of the head. Unlike a French braid where you cross strands of hair over each other, with the pipe braid you knot the hair over one central strand.

Romee Strijd @hairbyruslan

While the pipe braid initially rose to fame earlier this year thanks to Victoria’s Secret Angel Romee Strijd, who rocked the look at Coachella care of celebrity hairstylist Ruslan Nureev, we think the style is just as appropriate for the holidays. Strijd’s pipe braids were made festival-appropriate thanks to pink woven elastic bands, but for the festive season we recommend swapping out the bands for a bit of tinsel or glitter.

Romee Strijd @hairbyruslan

In the YouTube video below, Welsh demonstrates how she creates the braid, starting by taking a section of the hair at the front of the head and combing it smooth. She then works her way down the head looping more sections of hair around the main piece, bit by bit. Depending on the look you’re going for, you can make the braid tight (for a smooth look) or loose (for a more undone look).

Kendall Jenner and Jen Atkin are huge fans of this Dubai-based hair brand.