Reverse The Signs Of Ageing With These Non-Surgical Treatments

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Reverse the signs of ageing with these non-surgical beauty treatments

From pioneering lasers to subtle fillers that make you look like you’ve had the best night’s sleep of your life, these high-tech tweakments prove there’s no need to resort to surgery to reverse the signs of ageing

Aqua Gold Facial

Seasoned aesthetics aficionados can attest that combining several procedures is the optimum way to get the best bang for your beauty buck. And the newest on the block to do just that is the Aqua Gold Facial. The treatment combines microneedling using 24k needles to infuse the top layers of the skin with hyaluronic acid to increase hydration, elasticity and texture, plus Botox to shrink pores and smooth lines and wrinkles, and vitamins B, C and E to help improve rosacea, acne and sun damage, prevent free-radical damage and improve skin tone. The skin is cleansed of makeup before microdermabrasion is used to remove dead skin cells and prepare the face for the full cocktail of serums. Finally, sunscreen is applied to protect the skin against further damage. And while patients may experience slight redness immediately afterwards, the facial provides an instant glow that also delivers long-lasting results with almost zero downtime (it’s recommended to avoid makeup, sunbathing and saunas for 24 hours, and to not wash the face for at least six to eight hours after the treatment). The best bit? Results continue to improve over the coming days and weeks. Dhs1,500 per session,

Russian Lip

You know you’ve got a great doctor when people say you look fresher or less tired, because a natural effect is always a testament to good work. Lips can sometimes be overdone and have an unrealistic effect, which is never good. Enter Dr Lyana Kozhokova, aesthetic dermatology specialist at Al Das Medical Clinic, who says, “The Russian lip procedure is the treatment to try if you want a more natural looking lip. It is all about the shape of the lips and not about volume. Other lip techniques tend to migrate above the lips, looking overdone and bulky. This specific technique will shape the lips with more volume near the centre. It tends to lift the lip rather than add excessive volume, so it’s ideal for those seeking a natural finish. This treatment is best for those wanting to enhance the look of their lips and is ideal for lip filler newbies or those seeking a natural finish.

The treatment gives a heart shape to the centre of the lip, much like a Russian doll, and lasts up to 12 months. Dr Kozhokova also adds, “Your lips will appear bigger straight after the treatment, but within two to five days swelling will reduce and you will see the full effect. But you’ll need to avoid hot food or beverages, kissing and lip massages. Cost per treatment: Dhs2,000,

Reverse the signs of ageing with these non-surgical beauty treatments

Hands Down

If you think fillers and laser treatments are for the face only, think again, because the aesthetics team at Skinfluencer has come up with three different hand treatments that harness the latest cutting-edge technologies to turn back time. Constantly exposed to the elements, the hands can give away your age more than your face or neck do, and hand cream can only do so much. Hands Down uses laser energy to correct and reverse sun damage, and eradicate crepey skin; Hand it to Me delivers microinjections of hyaluronic acid and natural antioxidants to hydrate and plump, while At Your Fingertips focuses on the knuckles and joints and utilises non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid and natural antioxidants to deeply hydrate the skin at 28 injection sites in the fingers. Non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid affords deep hydration and plumping without compromising the movement of your fingers at the joints. Hand it to Me and At Your Fingertips each require two treatment sessions spaced four weeks apart for optimal results. “Some clients are initially intimidated and uneasy about embarking on a journey to transform their skin, especially our male clients,” explains Skinfluencer COO and co-founder, Sharin Shafer. “This is why I am mindful that everything about the Skinfluencer experience should make our clients feel at ease, comfortable and cared for.” Cost per treatment: From Dhs780,

Brae Hair Smoothing Treatment

If you’re on the hunt for a way to humidity-proof your hair this summer, an in-salon treatment is the only way to go. Brae, available exclusively at Pastels, is a one-step keratin treatment that uses a combination of active ingredients including hydrolysed protein from soy, corn and glutamic acid and advanced nanotechnology to smooth the hair in a single session and can last for up to three months. Application techniques can be tailored to your hair type to give a bespoke finish that is suitable for both straight and curly hair. Gerly, stylist at Pastels Salon Jumeirah, explains: “This treatment is perfect for anyone who is looking to remove the frizz, reduce volume, [get] natural straight-looking hair, and soften the curls without removing them.”

Applied to hair that hasn’t been freshly washed, the treatment solution is left on the hair for 40 to 50 minutes, depending on the thickness of the hair, before 50 per cent is washed off. The remaining 50 per cent is then sealed into the hair follicle using a flat iron and doesn’t need to be washed or styled any further. “This unique blend, activated by the heat, penetrates the strands and fills any breaks in the hair with pure amino acids, resulting in healthy, smooth and extremely shiny hair,” Gerly adds. “The growing-out phase will also be less intense, since there will be no line of demarcation when your natural texture grows back in, and the hair will look naturally blended, which is different from the other solutions that might impact your curl pattern permanently.” Cost per treatment: Dhs1,200 to Dhs3,000, depending on hair length and thickness,

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  • Words by Sophia Serin & Aoibhinn Mc Bride