The 10-Minute Face Mask That Promises To Fight Jet Lag

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The Summer Fridays Jet Lag mask that’ll leave your skin instantly renewed and radiant

Considered the go-to quick fix for dull and dehydrated skin, the face mask has solidified its place firmly in every woman’s beauty routine. Once a week, we all go on a mission to brighten, hydrate and spot-proof our skin in search of the ultimate result – a perfect complexion. Whether it’s an at-home spa session you give yourself on the weekend or a quick gel mask popped on after your morning run, there’s no denying the wonders a good mask does.

Lauren Gores Ireland and Marianna Hewitt

And it’s for that reason exactly that beauty influencers (and best friends) Lauren Gores Ireland and Marianna Hewitt decided to launch Summer Fridays, their new line of face masks. “As bloggers we’ve tested and tried just about every product out there,” the duo said on their Instagram, “Even with cabinets, bins and boxes full of every type of treatment, we were still searching for something with good-for-you ingredients that gave our skin an immediate selfie-worthy glow. We’re excited to give you a chance to take a little Summer Fridays time for yourself because your skin deserves it. This is about feeling confident in clear, beautiful skin so you can focus on.” Skincare fanatics might have noticed the pretty blue tube popping up on their feed, an all-natural product made specifically according to the requests of the beauty gurus’ joint one million followers.

Designed for instant gratification, the debut Jet Lag Mask soothes thirsty, stressed-out skin in less than 10-minutes. Yes, you can slap this beauty on while you’re brushing your teeth, or even as you’re heading out the door (it goes on white then becomes practically invisible as it sinks into the skin). And with a wowing combination of vitamins (including the all-important C), ceramides and antioxidant there are just so many reasons you should be trying out this hydrating complexion booster.

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