Setting The Pace

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Finding an equal work-life balance can at times be a daunting task, but Ivana Bruic has made health a priority in her life. The CEO of Austyle shares with us her fitness secrets and what motivates her to stay in shape. 

Ivana wears sports top, jacket and tights, LORNA JANE | Trainers, ADIDAS

Ivana wears sports top, jacket and tights, LORNA JANE | Trainers, ADIDAS

What motivates you to stay in shape?  

Exercise is my ‘time out’ – it allows me to take my mind off business and personal matters. It has more than just aesthetic or health orientations for me. I’ve implemented working out into my life as a ‘lifestyle choice’. Fitness activities energise me for the day and help me achieve deeper sleep at night.

How do you fit in your workout with your career?
It’s about making wiser choices, whether than means ditching your late night Netflix for an earlier sleep or skipping a Thursday night out to get up earlier on the weekend –you can do it if you focus and make it your priority.

What is your favourite form of exercise?
I love to mix HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) with a muscle conditioning class, like Barre. HIIT training allows you to exercise for a shorter amount of time, intensively, while muscle conditioning classes help you tone, stretch and elongate muscles – for me, the two work hand in hand beautifully.

Can you take us through your daily workout regimen? 
The first thing I do when I get up in the morning at 7am is grab a banana and a black coffee. I get hungry very quickly, so I need to have a small amount of energy before I hit any activity. I scroll through my Guava Pass app or liaise with my fitness buddy, who lives along Kite Beach, for a catch up training session, where we practice the ‘Kayla Itsines’ routine or attend one of the Guava Pass classes together. 

When did you first become a runner?

I was a competitive runner at school and represented my state at the 400, 800, 1,500 and 3,000m tracks. During the 2000 Sydney Olympics, I was honoured to be nominated in my region to accompany the Olympic torch, which was such an overwhelming moment for a 17-year-old at the time.

Ivana wears sports top, jacket and tights, LORNA JANE | Trainers, ADIDAS

Ivana wears sports top, jacket and tights, LORNA JANE | Trainers, ADIDAS

Do your workouts favour cardio or strength training?

Definitely both. I think women sometimes shy from strength training believing they will bulk up, but unless you’re lifting very heavy and taking a lot of supplements, this is definitely not the case. Strength training goes wonderfully in hand with cardio, and if you are looking at burning fat, it’s a surefire way to speed up the process.

How important is maintaining a clean diet?

I’m conscious of what I consume, but I also don’t hold back if I’m craving something. It’s literally all about balance. If you start saying no to yourself too frequently, you will eventually fall back to old habits.  

What is your favourite ‘cheat’ meal?

I’d have to say the ‘Salt’ burger accompanied by their pink lemonade – and, the cheat meal wouldn’t be complete without their ice-cream softie!

What’s your favourite outfit to work out in and why?
I love Lorna Jane, our top Australian active wear label that now has a store at Town Centre, Jumeirah.

Do you have any fitness secrets?

Aim to stay active, even if it means only taking a walk around your neighbourhood, walking your dog, or even a friend’s dog! There are many activities you can engage in that involve small lifestyle changes, which can make a huge difference to your overall health.

Photographed by Rhys Simpson-Hopkins