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Modern beauty: Hannah Rasekh wears dress by Saint Laurent
Modern beauty: Hannah Rasekh wears dress by Saint Laurent


Nothing is subtle about social media influencer Hannah Rasekh’s beauty. It’s there in full bloom, usually bare-faced on Instagram. The 30-year-old British-Jordanian beauty and fashion entrepreneur has garnered a cult online following, making a name for herself by pulling together cool fashion ensembles that are of-the-moment and simultaneously timeless. 

Undeniably gorgeous, as displayed through her beautifully-shot social media posts, the willowy blonde is ambitious too, landing coveted roles as the face of Givenchy Beauty regionally, as well as a partnership role with luxury skincare brand, Sisley Paris. And it’s all thanks to a beauty obsession she developed at school. “That was the point where beauty became a priority for me – when black eyeliner and lots of lip gloss were all the rage in the early noughties. It was also around that time that I started to properly moisturise,” says Hannah. “As I got older, I learned to accept that beauty is subjective. As clichéd as it may sound, everyone is beautiful in their own unique way.”

Modern beauty: Hannah Rasekh

Modern beauty, Hannah Rasekh wears blazer and shorts by 16Arlington at Ounass

Her beauty journey has uncovered a passion for skincare she never knew she had. “I’ve developed something of an obsession, so it’s become a topic I’m now associated with,” she explains. “I’m always on shoots, so I get to learn tips and tricks from hair and make-up artists. Pioneers of the beauty and skincare industry are my inspiration, such as Isabelle d’Ornano, co-founder of Sisley Paris and Jessica Alba, whose company Honest promotes ethical beauty consumerism. They give me the incentive to be and do better in my field of work.” An advocate of ‘love the skin you’re in and nourish it,’ Hannah practices what she preaches, keeping her Saturdays free so she can dedicate time to skincare sessions where she spends a few hours applying masks and pampering herself.

“I love Sisley Paris’s Black Rose Precious Face Oil and their Sisleya Anti-wrinkle Serum. I follow six basic steps day and night: I cleanse, tone, apply serum, eye cream, oil drops and seal it all with either a moisturiser with SPF or a night cream. If that isn’t commitment, I don’t know what is!” she laughs. “It’s a whole different ball game for me now. I’m 30, so my skin has changed, therefore my products have had to change too. It’s a more concentrated routine. My skin is in much better condition now than it was five years ago. I think if you commit to looking after your skin when you’re young, it will age beautifully.” 

As well as perfecting her skin with creams and serums, Hannah hones her make-up skills with go-to’s including Hourglass’ Gel Eye Liner, Charlotte Tilbury’s Bronzed Garnet Eyeshadow Pencil and Control Lipstick by Laura Mercier. “I learn most of my tips from beauty influencers actually. Ola Farahat taught me that I must blend my foundation upwards, and I learned to contour my temples from Rania Fawaz,” she says. “Instagram can be a great place for beauty inspiration if its raw and organic, but unfortunately it also invites many negative feelings of comparison in a very pressurised environment. So I try to constantly remind myself that beauty is subjective, and that not everything you see is real. At the end of the day, you are you, and that is your greatest power. If you accept that, then you’ll find you’ll appreciate yourself a lot more.” 


Photography: Borna Ahadi | Make-up: Jovan Saric for Sephora

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