Dr. Zamani’s Six Steps To Radiant Party Season Skin

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The Skin Doctor, Dr. Maryam Zamani

Dr. Maryam Zamani counts Elle MacPherson and Arizona Muse as among her customer base, the Iranian-born Oculoplastic Surgeon is also the founder of MZ Skin – a clean, high performance scientific skincare range.

Here, she shares her guide to radiant party season skin, as well as what to do when your skin is suffering the morning after. Beauty aficionados take note.

How would you start preparing for the party season?
A great way to improve skin tone, improve discoloration, and protect against free radicals and UV radiation on your own is with Vitamin C. Vitamin C products are becoming increasingly popular within the skincare industry and is an essential addition to skin regimes to achieve that party glow.


What products would you recommend?
Vitamin C rich products are available as serums, moisturisers and cleansers. Serums are water-based, lightweight and quickly absorbed into the skin. They are easy to add to your regime as they can be layered with other products on the top. Vitamin C can also be combined with other anti-ageing ingredients such as Vitamin E (UV damage fighting antioxidant), Hyaluronic Acid (boosts elasticity and hydration of the skin), or Ferulic Acid (combats free radicals in the skin).

Brighten & Perfect, MZ SKIN

How would you prepare your skin the morning of a big night out? 

The perfect party prep would be to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate – I cannot focus enough on the importance of hydration. For immediate topical hydration opt for Hyaluronic Acid rich,  MZ Skin Lift & Lustre, that will immediately help restore moisture to your skin and MZ Skin Brighten & Perfect, my personal favourite, with 10% Vitamin C will help reveal a brighter, smoother, and luminous skin tone instantly.

Lift & Lustre, MZ SKIN

How best to brighten and prime?
Hyaluronic Acid improves surface barrier protection from moisture loss, help smooth wrinkles and improves the skin surface. Albizia Julibrissin Bark Extract will detoxify and strengthens capillaries to help reduce dark circles and puffiness. Whilst lifting and firming the delicate skin to reduce fine lines.

How do you deal with tired eyes?
Caffeine reduces the build-up of lipids that lead to eye bags. It firms and restructures skin proteins to smooth, firm and tone the skin surface. The Hydra-Bright Golden Eye Mask is the perfect rescue treatment for tired eyes, too, or a quick-fix to smooth out wrinkles and promote radiant eye contours. The gold infused, anti-ageing eye treatment mask is saturated with active ingredients to smooth and minimise the appearance of fine lines. Perfect to use before our Depuff & Define Contouring Eye Rescue Cream.

Hydra-Bright Golden Eye Mask, MZ SKIN

What is the best skin tonic for the morning after?

I recommend using a mask to exfoliate the morning after. MZ Skin Radiance & Renewal contains lactic acid, azelaic acid, glucuronic acid and papaya enzyme. All these ingredients are chemical exfoliators which instantly brightens tired, dull skin. Containing a 10% concentrate fruit acid complex stimulates cell turnover, refines pores and helps to eliminate pigmentation to brighten and restore luminosity. It results in smooth, revived and glowing complexion. 

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  • Words by Elaine Lloyd-Jones