Green Is The New Black: Meet The Co-Founders Of Eco-Friendly Beauty Brand, Nudestix

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Taylor and Jenny Frankel

Meet the women changing the way we see beauty…

When it comes to beauty, sometimes it can get downright overwhelming trying to find the right products for our skin. An industry made up of an untraceable amount of formulas and ingredients to achieve the best version of our complexion, beauty does not have a good record when it comes to sustainability – in part due to excess packaging.

But thankfully, there are some brands making it their mission to reduce our eco worries.

Nudestix is a Canadian-born make-up brand offering a range of multi-functional products for the eyes, lips and face, that not only make looking good, naturally, very easy, but the brand’s sustainable approach promises to leave us feeling good about our beauty choices, too.

“All of our products come in a beautiful black matte tin,” explains 22-year-old Taylor Frankel, one of the founders of Nudestix. “We created our tins because we wanted no packaging to be thrown away. Our best-selling products are our pencils, and they are all created by sustainable forestry.” Instead of using a twist-up pencil, each tin comes complete with a sharpener because, Taylor explains, “once you sharpen your pencils all the way down, there’s less to throw away. It becomes this really eco-friendly stick, and you’re not ruining the environment either.”


The eight-year-old make-up brand, which officially launched in the Middle East in 2018 and is available at Sephora, is the family success story of mother Jenny, and her two daughters, Taylor and Ally.

Captivated by a slew of offerings that promised skin a natural finish, the trio wanted to create a range that was authentic, appealing and approachable.

“My sister [Ally] and I, wanted beauty that was real, easy, fast and effortless,” says Taylor. “We felt that the beauty industry had amazing artistry brands and skincare brands but, there was a missing piece for a beauty brand that was speaking to the modern-day woman.”


Ally, Jenny and Taylor Frankel

With her daughters’ desires at the forefront of her mind, mum Jenny saw a business opportunity. While she experienced her own Eat, Pray, Love moment after leaving her post as a product developer for MAC Cosmetics, Jenny, now 47, was determined to create a revolutionary story that was “inspired by Ally and Taylor”.

The brand has resonated not only with consumers across the globe, but also with a handful of celebrity heavyweights.

Recently, the Nudestix women collaborated with legendary make-up artist, Mary Phillips, who created her own Nudies Matte bronze shade, Sunkissed. “Mary loves real skin, and the shade was really inspired by her go-to make-up look for her clients, including Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid,” Taylor explains.


Nudestix Nudies Matte Blush & Bronzer in Sunkissed and Sunset Strip

And when it comes to a superstar breaking the norm in beauty, both Jenny and Taylor single out Cara Delevingne. “If there’s one celebrity we would love to see wear our products, it would have to be Cara. She’s been our inspiration since we launched Nudestix and she’s a groundbreaking woman, who is challenging the norms of fashion and beauty,” says Taylor. “When Instagram launched in 2011, Cara was keeping things so real and authentic. She was a role model and she may not have realised the impact she had,” Jenny concludes.

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  • Words by Meeran Mekkaoui