LFW: Bows & Black Beauty From Giles

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By Jemma Walker

One of the most dark, daring and dramatic beauty trends emerged on Giles’ catwalk at LFW. MOJEH.com head backstage to get a close-up look at the ultimate winter shade to find out if it’s unworkable or innovational.

A show full of wonderment, the ever unpredictable Giles Deacon revealed gothic designs full of Victorian imagery, from the ruffled collars to the heavy dark velvet fabric and statement bow detailing.

The drama continued from the haunting collection to the make-up with models adorning a jet black glistening lip, black nails and imperfect french plaits tied with schoolgirl bows. Make-up artist Lucia Pieroni applied the MAC slick, oil-black lip in a trend that’s sure to part the brave from the demure.