Keeping Up Appearances

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You’ve heard it all before: A new year is about experimenting with a new you. But, instead of making staid resolutions for 2016, we’re taking lessons learnt over the past year with us instead.

By Susan Devaney

Chloe S/S16

Chloe S/S16


“A routine is the most essential foundation for a healthy lifestyle. And, you should not make any compromises! Organise and schedule your eating habits as if they were work or sports routines. Make them a priority in your life – set times for breakfast, lunch and dinner. After setting fixed times, you will experience an overall well-being, and much more energy for your daily endeavours,” says Dubai and Munich-based Metabolism Expert, Caroline Bienert.


“If you want to be less amusing, more impulsive, less empathetic, less able to come up with good solutions to complex problems. If you want to be less healthy, then fine, don’t sleep. But don’t think you can get away with not sleeping and squeezing more and more into the day without consequences – there will be,” says Russell Foster, Professor of Circadian Neuroscience at the University of Oxford.


“The right sequence of products is key to beautiful healthy skin. When used in the wrong combination, some ingredients will cancel out each other’s benefits. For example, the acid in glycolic or salicylic acid breaks down ingredients like retinol, vitamin C or hydroquinone. Use one ingredient product at a time,” says Dr. Fazeela, a cosmetic dermatologist from the Dermacare Group in Dubai. Follow the mantra of less is more when pampering your skin over the next few months. Only invest in high quality skincare brands like La Prairie or Guerlain.


“This [Dubai] water is actually not good for your skin. It is alkaline at pH8 and it has a high salt content (the pH of your skin is 5.5). The best thing to do would be – after you’ve applied water to your face in the morning and evening, always finish your routine with a spray of cellular water. So, the water left on your skin is actually good for it,” says Isabelle Benoit, Director of Scientific Innovation for Institut Esthederm in Paris.


“Micro pollutants can pass through the skin’s barrier,” says Lisa Littlehales, Managing Director of the Cavendish Clinic in London. “Studies are now proving that the cumulative effects of pollutants trigger free radical damage and cause extrinsic premature ageing.” Take the time this year to source skincare products that help to reduce the effects of pollutants, such as Clarins’ New UV Plus Anti-Pollution range.