Is Velvetbrows The New Microblading? (And Where To Get It Done In Dubai)

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In the last decade eyebrow trends have gone from pencil-thin and precise to big and bushy (courtesy of Cara Delevingne’s caterpillar brows), and no region champions the latter better than the Middle East. (Try stepping out of the house with anything less than defined, perfectly preened eyes and you’ll feel somewhat undone amongst the sea of power brows). Where microblading plus a weighty kit of make-up palettes and tools used to be a woman’s go-to, new (and arguably improved) techniques are entering the market, including velvet brows.

“Microblading alone doesn’t stay in the skin for long enough particularly in this region where the climate leads to wet, oily skin,” explains Maris Beauty & Academy founder Mari Santos. “Many of my clients were concerned that the pigment was quickly wearing off and that they had to top up the shape with plenty of make-up.” In search of pioneering techniques, Mari travelled from Dubai to Bosnia to Ukraine and back to her homeland of Brazil where she discovered microshadowing: a technique which uses a small machine to permanently colour the full brow (it differs from microblading which utilises thin lines to replicate individual brow hairs). “I began mixing the two techniques by starting with microblading for the natural strokes of hair, followed by shadowing for a fuller look,” says Santos. “It’s perfect for a woman who likes a natural but thick brow.” This amalgamated technique is now known as velvet brows.

Founder of the velvet brows technique and Maris Beauty & Academy owner, Mari Santos

The velvet brows technique is available in Dubai at Maris Beauty & Academy. It also offers professional facials, lash lifts, lash extensions, and more. Inside, the space is light, feminine and peaceful, complete with a garden backdrop and the tranquil sound of trickling water. Along with Mari, the team are knowledgeable and approachable and avidly follow-up pre and post treatment to ensure guests are completely comfortable with their brow journey.

Maris Beauty & Academy on Dubai’s Al Wasl road

Velvet Brows begins with the application of a numbing cream after which the technician, Mari in this case, discusses the desired brow shape and density before drawing a carefully curated look onto the brows, making adjustments on the spot. And then begins the microblading: be prepared for small pinches of pain as the pen slices precise lines into the top layer of your skin – it’s uncomfortable but well worth it. Coloured dye is painted on top (the desired shade is chosen at the start of the treatment). Finally, the shadow effect is achieved with a small machine which gently rolls additional dye across your freshly bladed brows. Et voilà, roughly 90 minutes from start to finish and you’re looking at your best brows yet. They’re thick, defined and good-to-go from morning till night. Just one catch: expect approximately seven days of light scabbing in which the shape and colour adjusts slightly while the skin heals. This is remedied seven to eight weeks later during a light touch-up back at Maris Beauty & Academy.

Perfect brows with zero daily make-up required and a shelf life of 16 to 24 months? Yes please.

To book an appointment at Maris Beauty & Academy, call (+971) 50 456 5601

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