Is Double Cleansing Necessary? This Skincare Expert Reveals All

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double cleansing


Double cleansing is the simple, try-at-home beauty trick set to kickstart your skincare regime. But how effective is it?


While you may not be wearing as much make-up as usual, you shouldn’t underestimate the dirt that build upon the skin’s surface throughout the day. The skin often attracts bacteria and pollution, with old skin cells, SPF, sebum and sweat also accumulating on the surface, which can ultimately lead to pigmentation, breakouts and over time, ageing. The easiest way to prevent this from happening? A simple two-step cleansing routine. 

“I recommend double cleansing, especially in the evenings,” says skincare expert, Rebecca Treston. “By doing this two-step regime, you are removing the dirt and grime from the skin first, before using another cleanser in the second step that should have the active ingredients needed to target the skin’s individual concerns.”

double cleansing

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Hailing from K-beauty, the double cleanse approach involves using two different types of cleansers; one to remove impurities and the other to offer a deeper cleanse, while meeting our own skincare needs — whether it’s hydrating, smoothing or regenerating. 

“The products you use in your cleansing routine, should be dependent on your skin type and condition is and what your skin needs. For instance, those who wear loads of makeup should be using an emulsifying cleanser first, as this will break down any makeup and the oil,” continues Treston. 

double cleansing

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“Once this has been done, then another cleanser that is specific to skin type can be used – for instance, those with acne can use a cleanser that contains salicylic acid, while those who have dry or aging skin should use a cleanser that has AHA (AlphaHydroxy Acid). But if you’re still working from home, ditch products that have strong actives such as AHA or Salicylic Acid – they’re unnecessary unless your skin has been exposed to the elements throughout the day.”

The double cleanse can be practiced both morning and night, but it’s not as necessary first thing. Night-time is best for stronger cleansers such as Rodial’s Pink Diamond Cleansing Balm, while mornings are better for something gentle and refreshing like Rituals Silky Soft Oil.

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