Inside The Chanel Spa at the Ritz Paris

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During our recent visit to Paris for Chanel’s Metiers d’Art, we took a brief moment to unwind and collect our thoughts. There is, of course, no place more apt for this practice than the Chanel au Ritz Paris, a coveted centre of relaxation inside the walls of the newly renovated Ritz Paris, Place Vendôme. The space designed by the French fashion house is every bit as lavish as one might expect with a neoclassical swimming pool and a swathing of silk fabric surrounding the five treatment rooms, offering sophisticated treatments to tame the senses.

After an utterly indulgent and unforgettable L’Allure de Chanel massage that rebalances the body with no-less than five perfume oils named after the House’s iconic fragrances we caught up with Armelle Souraud, International Scientific Communications Director of Chanel to learn more about our surroundings.

What were the aims when curating the new Chanel au Ritz Spa?

To express a singular vision of beauty and offer women a unique experience, the art of Skincare by Chanel.

Tell us a bit about the making of Chanel au Ritz what sets it apart from other luxury spas.

We deliver an entirely tailor-made and multisensory, holistic offering that awakens all five senses for a wonderful feeling of wellbeing. Each Chanel beauty treatment is a customised creation combining Chanel skincare products, and Le Massage de CHANEL for both immediate and lasting, visible results.

The new ritual reinterprets the best of Western and Eastern techniques, blending them for the first time with a soft massage involving the fasciae, the fine membranes that are very sensitive to physical and emotional stress. Acting on the fasciae ensures a wider field of action by working on both the mind and body. This helps restore a peaceful and relaxed state, one that is perceptible and visible on the face. Skin is radiant, uniform, soft and plumped, smooth and firm. Fully replenished, skin is filled with a new energy. Spirit and body are reconnected.

Why have you chosen the specific product ranges to be featured in the spa?

The treatment procedures combine a range of exclusive professional products – massage creams and oils, a professional scrub and a highly concentrated collagen mask – with products from the Chanel skincare range for maximum effect.

Tell us about our L’Allure de CHANEL body treatment.

L’Allure de CHANEL combines an exceptional massage with exclusive products for a pure moment of wellbeing and comfort. The body is reshaped, rebalanced for a harmonious silhouette with firm contours.