How To Detox Your Skin

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Are there any preventative steps we can take for our skin if we are socialising a lot or travelling?

There’s no doubt that travelling and socialising can take a toll, but if we take key steps to clean, hydrate and protect our skin we can minimise the impact.  Cleansing morning and night is important, as is using appropriate hydrating products to keep our skin as healthy as possible. Finally, protection from the harmful rays of the sun will prevent premature aging and deterioration of the quality of our skin.

What skincare changes should we make to our routine if we experience changes in climate?

Keep the skin hydrated due to lower temperatures, use a good hydrating product like Ommerse Renewal Cream or Resterocalm as well as drinking plenty of water.

What should we eat and drink for glowing skin?

Our skin reflects both our lifestyle and our diet.  A clean and healthy diet includes plenty of water, fresh fruits and vegetables, lean animal protein and/or protein of plant origin.  Avoid processed foods as much as possible.

What foods/oils cause breakouts?

That’s a tricky one because it really does vary from person to person. I would advise a reduced intake of dairy products, fatty processed foods and refined sugar.    

There’s a lot of talk about coconut oil as the ultimate natural beauty product, is coconut oil a suitable make-up remover and moisturiser?

Absolutely – Coconut oil breaks up water-resistant substances used in makeup to enable gentle and easy removal.

What supplements support our skin?

Vitamin A is one of the most important vitamins for repairing deeper layers within the skin, but shouldn’t be taken without first consulting your dermatologist to ascertain the recommended dose. Additionally, Vitamins B2, B3, B6, B12 are excellent for the skin. .

What are the three most common mistakes we tend to make with our skincare?

1. Neglecting our skin by not cleansing and using sun protection regularly

2. Using oil based products that tend to clog pores

3. Under-estimating the delicate organ that our skin is, and the potential damage we do tamper and squeeze pimples.  

Our skin reveals the first telltale signs of over-indulgence, yet as we start to switch up our fitness regimes for a new year, our skincare often falls by the wayside. With this in mind we speak to Dr. Manar Elazizi, Cosmetic Dermatologist at ZO Skin Health to overhaul our approach for 2017.