Five Ways to Reduce Stress with Dr. Pat Farrell

1 min read

It’s been proven that long-term anxiety and fear can lead to heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Countless studies show that there’s an association between happiness and physical wellbeing. It’s widely accepted that happier people have better immune systems and lead longer lives. Of course, a bad night’s sleep or bad breakup won’t kill you, but finding a positive way to manage anxiety as it occurs will reduce these negative health consequences. Dr. Pat Farrell recommends some ways to manage and reduce stress in your life.

1. Allow yourself time to step back from a stressful situation. Take a brief walk around the house or office. Even a trip to the water cooler will help you calm down.

2. Utilise relaxation breathing throughout the day. Deep, cleansing breaths are a simple, yet powerful, calming technique. See my YouTube video for directions. 

3. Practice self-talk by questioning what’s causing your stress. Often talking out loud to yourself will lead to possible solutions. It’s also a good way of putting things into perspective, especially if what you’re anxious about needn’t be stressful.

4. Make sure you get enough sleep and be sure to watch your diet. Diet can be especially important and sleep is equally so. Both prevent your body from becoming stress-prone because of a lack of resources. 

5. Give yourself some time to enjoy an activity or a hobby. Take a short holiday – even if it’s as little as two days – and evaluate your stressful situation from a distance. Activities unrelated to your stress will help calm you and give you a new perspective when you return to it.