Wellness Warriors: MOJEH Meets Lama Jammal

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This week we’re featuring the Dubai entrepreneurs dedicated to making us healthier and happier from the inside out — starting with Lama Jammal, founder of Mamalu Kitchen 


Mamalu Kitchen 

Lama Jammal wears ethically-produced jumpsuit by Deborah Henning

“I had three boys under two years of age when I decided that it would be great if someone came up with a concept to help busy mums feed their families delicious, healthy, fuss-free food,” smiles Lama Jammal. “So I decided that person should be me!” 

Graduating from Switzerland’s elite hospitality management school Glion before working at some of the world’s nest hotels, Lama transitioned into the fashion industry before deciding her true calling was actually the kitchen. 

“I’m obsessed with food and cooking, and have been ever since I remember,” says Lama. “My mum is the best cook I know, and I was always her shadow in the kitchen when I was a child. She instilled the values of healthy eating in all of us from a very young age, and made everything we ate from scratch using fresh, whole foods, so I grew up knowing what delicious food that was good for you tasted like.”

Kicking off her business in 2016 teaching nannies and housekeepers of the busy working mums of Dubai how to cook nutritious meals using organic and hormone-free ingredients, Mamalu Kitchen quickly grew into hosting cooking classes for every member of the family. 

Recently opening the first branch of her cooking school at Depachika in The Palm Jumeirah’s Nakheel Mall, Lama’s goal is to make Mamulu Kitchen the “helping hand” every family needs to ensure home-cooked food is on the table every day, helping them to stay happy and healthy. 

“Our mission always has been, and always will be to feed families healthy and delicious, fuss-free-food,” says Lama. “We’re always on the go these days, so whether it’s by joining in our cooking classes, following our recipes online or stocking up on our Eazy Freezy products, Mamalu is there to make every family’s mealtimes as wholesome, healthy and hassle-free as possible.” 

During isolation, visit Mamalukitchen.com for healthy, easy-to-follow recipes and follow @mamalukitchen on Instagram for live cooking classes and top culinary tips.

  • Words by Lucy Wildman
  • Photography by Ausra Osipaviciute