Acne Prone Skin? Vegan Skincare Could Be The Answer

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Inflamed, irritated and problematic skin? Skincare expert Kathryn Jones sets out why fresh, active and vegan ingredients could be the game-changer you need

Despite adhering to a strict daily skincare regimen — that includes religiously washing makeup off before bed, luxurious face masks and little to no sugar — acne can still strike, particularly in the harsh Middle Eastern climes. Skincare expert and founder of KJ Serums, Kathryn Jones, has created a line of made-to-order serums that includes anti-aging potions, glow boosters and acne treatments. With a focus solely on fresh, vegan ingredients,  Kathryn explains why vegan skincare could be a game-changer for acne prone skin.

What exactly classifies as a vegan skincare product?
A vegan skincare product is one which has been manufactured wholly without the use of any animal derived products or by-products such as ingredients like lanolin, beeswax, honey, keratin and collagen.

How can vegan products help to calm aggravated skin?
One reason for choosing vegan skincare products over others is to avoid the risk of inflammation and allergic reactions that certain animal derived ingredients such as lanolin can cause. Plant-based ingredients in vegan products can often contain more of the beneficial vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that repair and hydrate our skin so it makes good sense to use these ingredients in skincare products

What can vegan skincare do for acne prone skin?
Vegan products can be a rich source of nourishment and natural goodness as they are made from plants and minerals. They are skin friendly. Animal products, on the other hand, can lead to clogging of pores and inflammation or irritation of the epidermis. This can aggravate acne and worsen symptoms.

What key ingredients should we look out for?
The number one key ingredient in any acne fighting product is niacinamide, otherwise known as nicotinamide or Vitamin B3. This is a superhero ingredient when it comes to fighting breakouts. It’s completely natural and mild yet incredibly effective at reducing redness and inflammation. There’s also the natural ingredient N-acetyl glucosamine. If it’s used early in acne breakouts it can provide relief from lesions by improving skin hydration, reducing flakiness and smoothing the skin’s surface.

Antioxidants are often touted as skin saviours. Can they aid in the fight against acne?
Vitamin C acts as a potent antioxidant to protect your skin and other cells from free radical damage. Acne is a highly inflammatory condition that can be exacerbated by environmental stressors and vitamin C can help to treat it successfully with regular and sustained use.

As a part of the new vegan skincare line KJ Serums, you’ve developed SkinKarma. How does it help diminish the first signs of acne?
SkinKarma is a natural treatment that uses Niacinamide and N Acetyl Glucosamine in a hyaluronic acid base to reduce inflammation, redness and hydrate and condition the skin. It’s very mild and soothing yet extremely effective at keeping those breakouts at bay.

KJ SkinKarma is a natural treatment that reduces inflammation and redness

Which other KJ Serums would you recommend for women suffering from breakouts?
The Triology C,E+Ferulic acid serum can be very beneficial for breakouts and works extremely well in combination with the SkinKarma serum. Both products work in synergy together to provide a host of benefits to the skin and can make a really positive impact on acne.

Triology C,E+Ferulic acid serum by KJ Serums

Kathryn Jones’s Hand Blended Serums are made to order every month using fresh, active ingredients. Available to buy online at
Interview by Kelly Baldwin 

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