How To Set Your Day Up For Success: Beauty Entrepreneur Maria Hatzistefanis On Her Morning Routine

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Beauty entrepreneur, best selling author, TV personality and podcaster Maria Hatzistefanis has all the anecdotes for success. “When I started without any experience or background, I would say to myself: make it happen. When I wanted to get my products into stores and no one was taking my calls, I’d say: make it happen. When I wanted to work with a big celebrity who didn’t even know we existed, it was always: make it happen. And when I had a family in the middle of all this and had to juggle a thousand things while still driving the business, I would say: JUST make it happen,” Maria reveals in her best-selling book, How I Made It Happen. As an in demand speaker, she motivates, inspires and encourages people to be the best that they can be, everyday. Here, the founder of the sell-out beauty brand Rodial, tells MOJEH exactly how she sets up her day, ready to Just Make It Happen.

Maria Hatzistefanis, founder of the sell-out beauty brand Rodial

What time does your alarm go off?

The first three things you do without fail each morning?
I drink hot water with lemon, a double organic espresso and check my @mrsrodial account on Instagram and TikTok for updates.

Meditation or yoga to start to the day?
I mediate for 10 minutes to set the intention for the day.

Cardio, weights or both?
I used to do Barry’s Bootcamp and Soulcycle which are walking distance from my house but since the lockdown, I’ve instead registered with a few online streaming services. I do a light weight training program for 30 minutes a few times a week.

Current morning mantra?
“Lockdown or not, make it happen” (which is also the title of my second book)!

Yes or no to breakfast?
I usually have a chocolate protein shake with almond milk and a side of pistachio nuts. I need to feel full to avoid snacking in between meals.

How much do you plan ahead?
I need to know that I have a purpose for the day, whether that is to motivate my team on a project during the week or organise my wardrobe during the weekend. When I set a purpose it helps to give me some direction and finish the day with a sense of achievement, however small the goal is.

What’s your morning beauty regime?
I start my day with an essence to wake up my skin: the Dragons Blood Essence. I then cleanse with the Pink Diamond Cleansing Balm that comes with a muslin cloth that mildly exfoliates the skin and feels supple and clean. I then put on a VIT C sheet mask to energize my skin and use the Lip & Eye Filler with the application tool to plump my lips and treat my under-eye circles. I finish with the VIT C SPF30 moisturiser and a dab of Diamond Concealer. All by Rodial.

If you only have time to apply one product, what is it and why?
That would be the Banana Lowlighter, it brings light under the eyes, around the lips, laugh lines and any area that tends to have shadows. We have been selling out constantly though, I’m still waiting to get one!

Quick fix for an on-the-go hair style?
Middle parting and hair sleek back in a low bun.

What does the Mrs Rodial wardrobe comprise of?
I have a tightly edited wardrobe with separates that go well with each other. Recently I’m more and more into an oversized top by Balenciaga, leggings by Wardrobe NYC and Bottega Veneta mules.

Maria cites Balenciaga, Wardrobe NYC and Bottega Veneta as her style staples

Maria Hatzistefanis made her author debut in 2017 with her best-selling book – How To Be An Overnight Success. Exploring Maria’s journey thus far, the book provides insights on how she went from being fired to building a multi million global beauty empire. In January 2020 she released her 2nd book How To Make It Happen, a 10 step guide to motivating yourself and making your dreams a reality. Maria Hatzistefanis is also a Patron to the British Fashion Council and sits on the panel, alongside Edward Enninful, Erdem and Caroline Rush, for the BFC Vogue Fashion Fund which grants funding to new up and coming fashion designers.

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