Summer Shade

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Eyewear inspiration for the year. We bring you our top 8 picks of trending eyewear from Dior to Prada.

By Dmitri Ruwan

The references in the eyewear sphere have been aplenty of late. From Tea-Shades that were a hit in the 60’s to the influential cat-eye glasses of the 50’s, we’re riding a time-space continuum to a reality where eyewear, much like Haute Couture, speaks a language of its own.  The mirrored Dior ‘Technologic’ sunglasses released earlier this year featuring Rihanna have become as desired as a mini-skirt in the 60’s. Similarly the conceptual and often ultra-modernist take at Prada often has us – the sunnie-obsessed – wanting more. Suffice to say, we’ve compiled a few stand-out offerings that will keep you looking cool through summer and ultra-chic through the impending winter. Though that old rule of thumb still applies: ‘It’s not the shades but how you wear them’. 

1)Dior | 2) Miu Miu | 3) Fendi | 4) Prada | 5) Miu miu | 6) Miu Miu | 7) Burberry | 8) DOLCE&GABBANA