Nature Triomphante by Boucheron

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Since Boucheron’s inception in 1858, the diversity and aesthetic appeal of flora has inspired several subsequent creations but this year the Maison’s embracing something completely new. Distressed flowers, untamed ivy and wild peacock feathers are the focus of Boucheron’s latest collection, Nature Triomphante.

An emphasis on nature is typical of the brand, but its distinct approach to each of the latest collection’s creations is unlikely to be mirrored by rival brands. The movement of wild Hedera ivy is captured in uncanny clarity with a sparkling diamond clustered secret watch, while brooches and necklaces come to life in the form of decadent blooming pansies.

For those who shy away from these types of designs, the finishing touch to this sublime collection comes from the Plume De Paon, otherwise known as the peacock feather, which first appeared in Boucheron’s collections in 1866. The exuberance of this fragile quill motif is explored through white gold and pavé diamonds, while a special set of links made from precious stones retains an otherworldly lightness across all creations.