How To Wear Kitten Heels

7 Photos

Since the invention of the high heel we’ve been celebrating its many transformative capabilities with little regard for our comfort, but could one possibly have both?

Many assume that by compromising the glamour-quota instilled by our trusty high heels, our only alternative is something akin to scruffy gym shoes, but for many fashion seasons now its been apparent that low-heeled footwear (or kitten heels as they are more aptly known) are much better. But how so?

For one, they are more efficient, allowing you to breeze through the day without blisters. The small heel height is less likely to give you joint problems and most importantly (for some) they are in their own league of glamour. Today we’ve taken a look at some of the best street style moments from fashion week to analyse exactly how the trendsetters are wearing them to truly embrace the power of the kitten heel.