Seven Up And Coming Fashion Designers To Keep On Your Radar

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Selezza London

Who said only a few major fashion capitals produce all the exciting new talent? As some thsese fascinating emerging designers demonstrate, groundbreaking ideas and distinct personal styles can come from anywhere in the world.

In Copenhagen, Paolina Russo reimagines knitwear with folkloric twists and innovative uses of printed leather. Colombian-Chilean talent Jennifer Droguett creator of the brand Anciela captivated audiences at London Fashion Week with her vibrant prints and magic realism. Meanwhile Grace Ling and Duran Latnik transformed traditional eveningwear into a canvas for daring, surreal expressions. Over in Milan, Sunnei is redefining what it means to be commercial but utterly creative.

Don’t miss these designers that are sure to end up in your wardrobe in the coming months!


Sunnei, founded by Loris Messina and Simone Rizzo, is reshaping Milanese menswear with a focus on practical, street-ready fashion rather than traditional runway pieces. With backgrounds in digital marketing, the founders prioritize designs that balance aesthetic appeal with marketability, reflecting a modern, utilitarian approach to fashion.

Paolina Russo

Paolina Russo’s label is quickly gaining recognition for its innovative knitwear, which cleverly incorporates elements from French folklore and youth soccer into high-fashion contexts. Her work, including techy knitted separates and soccer-cleat-studded corsets, marries personal history with fashion’s forward-looking trends.

Grace Ling

Grace Ling made a splash with her futuristic spin on eveningwear at New York Fashion Week. Her designs, which blend utilitarian basics with avant-garde elements like metal embellishments and sheer fabrics, offer a new uniform for the cultured modern individual, continuously engaging with art and sustainability.


Based in Stockholm, Hodakova is committed to upcycling, transforming old materials into luxurious, avant-garde fashion pieces. The brand stands out for its deconstructed designs and use of unconventional materials, proving that sustainability can coexist with high-end aesthetic appeal.

Duran Lantink

Duran Lantink is known for his sustainable and ethical fashion designs, using upcycled luxury garments to craft his collections. His work, which includes high-profile pieces like Janelle Monae’s vagina trousers, showcases a commitment to innovation and social engagement within the fashion industry.


Selezza London

Offering a contemporary vision of romanticism in fashion, SELEZZA London presents a fresh take on modern party wear. Known for its voluminous silhouettes and experimental designs, the brand continuously reimagines tulle, crafting oversized bombers, cold shoulder dresses, and blouses that each season gain a new twist.


Anciela London

Anciela, a London-based brand founded by Jennifer Droguett, draws inspiration from her Chilean-Colombian heritage to craft the overarching themes of her collections. Embracing eco-conscious fashion, Droguett utilises deadstock materials and collaborates with artists to create unique pieces. For instance, in her Spring Summer 24 collection, she incorporated deadstock fabrics sourced with the help of Allegra Hicks. She also worked with Alice Timmis Studio and explored experimental jacquards, integrating raffia, recycled yarns, and Tencel jerseys into her designs.  Furthermore, Droguett partnered with Mariana Leyva from Studio Kuhu to introduce traditional Mexican dyes such as English Madder and the historic Cochineal dye into her collection.