The Loveable Life of Natalie Joos

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Natalie Joos

Natalie Joos

Her impeccable style choices have failed to go unnoticed. Hailing from Belgium, but residing in New York, esteemed casting director Natalie Joos spills all in her blog, Tales of Endearment. From her brutally honest notes on dating, to her unique sense of style, MOJEH delves into her enviably fashionable lifestyle and more.

The first thing you do in the morning: Heat water, squeeze a lemon and drink.

Describe your average day: I sit behind my desk to answer and write emails, have coffee, go running. Sometimes there’s a fitting, sometime’s there’s a meeting, sometimes there’s a showroom visit or a shoot at someone’s home (for my site) or on location. My days are quite varied, though they mostly revolve around emails and a lot of writing.

Describe your style: My style is kind of eclectic. I dress in characters. Sometimes, I feel like a sexy secretary, other times a preppy tomboy. I go from chic Americana comfort to all-out floral vintage. The essence, however, is feminine and upbeat. I always want to feel like a happy, confident and sexy woman. 

Your all-time investment item: I have a black Balenciaga dress that’s timeless, and a short Céline dress that I will wear forever.

Your everyday wardrobe staples: In autumn and winter I wear a lot of denim and flat boots. In the summer it’s vintage dresses and sandals. I also love coats, and comfortable men’s sweaters.

Natalie Joos

Natalie Joos

Your favourite outfit: My cigarette Elizabeth and James jeans, Karen Walker loafers, a vintage nautical striped long-sleeved T-shirt, Stella McCartney blazer or J.Crew cardigan and Zadig & Voltaire coat. 

Your essential beauty products: I have a routine, evenings and mornings. I wash my face with Marianella soap, then use toner, apply eye cream, followed by serum and finish with a day cream with SPF. In the evening I do the same, but with night cream instead.

The one thing you can’t live without: Sunlight/vitamin D.

Your everyday motto: This is not a rehearsal.

Your perfect weekend: On Saturdays I like to do my chores. I do laundry, iron, shopping – all while listening to the radio. In the afternoon I usually see my sister – she lives nearby – and we do our nails or visit our favourite vintage stores (Stella Dallas and Artists & Fleas). I also love to have casual dinners, see movies, and take long walks in the park. My weekends are super chilled out.

The best piece of advice you’ve ever received: Compare and despair (so, I don’t).

To visit in 2014: Kazakhstan, Arizona, Vienna, Belgium, Paris… and more. 

Vienna, Austria

Vienna, Austria

Albums you will be downloading: Beyoncé and Pharrell Williams.

Your mission to accomplish this year: To solidify my role as creative director and start an office/agency, redecorate my house, stay in shape and maintain my social relationships.

Brand you will be investing in: I’d like to have one of those Victoria Beckham dresses. They are really expensive but I think I should have one…

Who will you aim to spend more time with in the coming months? My sister, and my boyfriend.

Your favourite city for shopping: New York!

Your favourite place to eat: Soho House – their dishes are simple but excellent. They have gluten-free options, and almond milk and healthy vegan food. It’s the perfect place for meetings, Sunday brunch or a date.

A day in the countryside or a day at the beach? Beach!