Burberry’s TB Monogram Is Etched Into The Dunes Of Dubai

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“I’m drawn to vast open spaces like the desert, I’ve always felt a strong connection to it,” says Dubai-based artist,  Nathaniel A. Alapide. “The ever-changing landscape makes the desert a unique place to create an artwork. The sand, which is my canvas, is always being shaped by the winds”

Drawn into the cinematic landscape of the Arabian desert, Burberry’s TB monogram is reimagined by Filipino artist, Nathaniel A. Alapide. The self-taught, multidisciplinary creative (based in Dubai), is regionally renowned for his stunning sand drawings etched into beaches and deserts across the Emirates.

Catching the eye of Riccardo Tisci and Burberry, Alapide’s temporary works — that wash away with the tide or shift in the sweeping winds — now take centre stage in a global campaign for the British fashion house. 


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Capturing the TB monogram in three breathtaking vistas around the world, the new chapter of #TBSummerMonogram represents Burberry’s heritage and deep-rooted connection to the outdoors.

The latest campaign sees the signature monogram explore the world; sprawled across four hot air balloons which float into the distance as dawn breaks in Wuhai, Inner Mongolia; reflected across a fleet of sailboats gliding into Shenzhen Harbour in China; and inscribed into the UAE’s desert sands by Dubai-based artist, Alapide. 

Nathaniel Alapide

Using a rake and stencils, Alapide shaped Burberry’s interlocking letters into the dunes to create a textual pattern that continuously changed with every gust of wind. “I know that what I have created will not last long, it’s always changing,” says  Alapide.

Describing the artwork as a collaboration with nature, the artist is inspired by the freedom and vastness that the desert landscape offers. “I feel that I am apart of something big and beautiful,” he says, “[I am creating] fleeting moments.”

Nathaniel Alapide

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