My Summer: Rami Al Ali

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In the second part of our My Summer series we follow iconic couture designer Rami Al Ali from Brazil to Greece and beyond. The Syria-born jetsetter shares his travel essentials, summer hotspots and where he finds inspiration for his elegant collections.

Rami Al Ali with the models from his SS15 couture show

Rami Al Ali with the models from his SS15 couture show

What’s your favourite summer spot?

The Mediterranean is one of my favourite holiday destinations, there’s just something about it that’s particularly alluring – the scenery, people and the weather are all amazing and there’s a certain laid back feeling.

Your travel essentials?

For me, inspiration can strike anywhere and anytime so I always make sure to have my sketchbook and pencil with me.

What will you be wearing this summer?

It depends on the destination but I’m usually casual and a bit bohemian when it comes to holiday dressing. I’ll definitely be packing some pieces from Missoni, Dsquared2 and Valentino to create the perfect summer wardrobe.

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Does anything inspire you for summer? 

Meeting and connecting with friends always inspires me; either discovering new places together or going back to where good memories were made. 

What’s been your most memorable summer ever?

In 2010 I went to Mykonos straight after Rome fashion week with some friends. It was a crazy, fun, intimate time that I’ll never forget.

What’s the best thing about the summertime?

I love how everyone’s in a good mood, there’s plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables around, the days are long and light…it’s a more relaxed and happier atmosphere. 

Rami Al Ali's spring/summer 2015 collection

Tell us about your favourite dining spots on your travels?

When on holiday I love trying new ingredients, so I pick exotic dishes and fusion cuisine. I try to be as healthy as possible so love anything organic and fresh.  

Do you have a guilty pleasure?

I know it’s not too healthy but I love eating late, especially on holiday when meals are more relaxed and you can take your time to savour every bite.

In what way do your travels inspire your designs?

Travelling helps me to gain different perspectives. My SS15 couture collection is inspired by Japanese culture – I am always intrigued by hidden richness and the juxtapositions of innocence and mystery. Natural elements are also a source of inspiration for me; the Brazilian rainforest sparked the theme for my 2014 couture collection – the vibrant ambience in the jungle was fascinating. 

Rami Al Ali's autumn/winter 2015 collection