Huda Kattan Returns As CEO Of Huda Beauty

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Huda Beauty is undergoing a makeover in 2024, beginning with Huda Kattan’s return as CEO

Huda Kattan, entrepreneur extraordinaire, has announced she will be returning to the position of CEO at Huda Beauty after stepping down in 2020 to focus on the creative side of the company. At the time, Huda shared she had “never wanted to be CEO” and was removing herself from the role so she could “dive even deeper into her true passions within the business.”

However, Huda bared all in a candid video this week, detailing how she regrets the decision to step away from product development and broke the news that she will officially be regaining her title as an operational CEO. “I’m finally sharing my journey to taking back my power as CEO of Huda Beauty. I’m back! Back to leading the business and back to leading product development,” she shares.

Alongside the release of brand-new products, Huda Beauty will be undergoing a rebrand to streamline its offerings and to become the beauty powerhouse Huda has always envisioned. “When I launched eleven years ago, we started scrappy and just needed an identity, and we had to go with it,” she explains. “Now, I really want to redefine the brand, so Huda Beauty is going to be better than ever!”

Unfortunately, the refining process includes discontinuing some much-loved products including the GloWish line, however Huda has promised that beauty lovers will be in for a treat in 2024. We can’t wait.

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