Five Minutes With… Studio Amelia Founder Emily Amelia Inglis

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Five Minutes With Studio Amelia Founder Emily Amelia Inglis

Known for its minimalist design and modern tailoring, Studio Amelia has grown from humble footwear label to RTW extraordinaire in three short years. Now available at Harvey Nichols – Dubai, MOJEH speaks to founder and creative director Emily Amelia Inglis about her debut summer collection, the meaning of luxury, and her refusal to adhere to fashion’s traditional collection approach.

What’s your earliest fashion memory?

My earliest and most poignant was sitting on my bedroom floor as a nine-year-old, creating my first ‘brand’. What was most notable was that it wasn’t just a series of sketches, but a full array of plans and ideas from shop fronts to branding. I knew from a very young age that I wanted to have my own label and be involved in all areas of the business, which is exactly what I do now. I am so incredibly lucky.

How would you describe the ethos of Studio Amelia?

Kindness is at the very core of Studio Amelia – the people, the product and our processes. We have an overwhelming desire to do the best we can, both for ourselves, our team members, our suppliers and our customers alike. Every piece of our collection is made locally by craftspeople we know personally, and we only use fabrics that have been hand-selected for being kind to the planet. It makes for a great deal of happiness in life.

Studio Amelia founder talks luxury, fashion and sustainability

Studio Amelia Summer 21 collection photographed by Diego Lorenzo Jose

Talk us through your summer collection…

Well, it’s our debut ready-to-wear collection, so it’s extra special. As it was developed following the pandemic outbreak, there were times we thought it would never be possible to launch, but thanks to my incredible team, we made it happen. I was influenced by the wardrobe staples I had come to rely upon – I wanted to take that foundation and develop it into an opulent yet sustainable option for other women. We incorporated more lounge style pieces to allow for people working and socialising from home, but retained our focus on offering sustainable fashion in an opulent setting.

Why is it important to you to focus on just two core collections per year?

One of the biggest issues with the fashion industry is the sheer mass it produces, and the subsequent waste. By reducing the volumes we produce, we dramatically reduce our footprint. Further still, it enables us to make better and more informed decisions during design and development. Together, these make for a much more enjoyable way of working because you can truly invest yourself in the pieces you are creating.

Studio Amelia Summer 21 collection photographed by Diego Lorenzo Jose

How would you describe the Studio Amelia woman?

She is very much like me – she invests in fewer but better pieces that are both beautifully and consciously created, but still have an opulence and sensuality to the design.

What does luxury mean to you?

Luxury, to me, is pride. It is a luxury to be proud of what you do, who you work with and what you create, let alone for our customer, what they invest in and what they choose to wear. When I wear our pieces or get the opportunity to talk about them, the processes or the team behind them, I am filled with pride – isn’t that the greatest luxury in the world? Shop Studio Amelia at Harvey Nichols – Dubai and online

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