Five Minutes With… Byredo Creative Image And Makeup Partner Lucia Pica

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Following her recent appointment as creative image and makeup partner for Byredo, MOJEH speaks to Chanel’s former global creative of makeup and colour design, Lucia Pica on all things beauty

Congratulations on your new appointment with Byredo! How did it come about?

Thank you! I got connected with Ben through a common friend and he contacted me about a year after my contract with Chanel ended. At the time I was taking things slow, looking after myself and doing freelance jobs as I pleased, but we quickly saw eye to eye on things, and our philosophy and goals regarding the brand matched up. I think he is always trying to find answers and inspiration in what he does. He does it with real intention — and so do I.

What drew you to the brand?

Meeting Ben and understanding his philosophy for the brand. Byredo feels very fresh and has got this interesting mix between luxury, coolness, and raw creativity. And as much as I have all the expertise that I have gained up until now, there’s freedom. I am given the freedom to be touched with raw and fresh energy, which feels very special and like the right path to follow.

How do you hope your makeup will make people feel?

I think of makeup as extremely powerful. It has the power to bring change to someone, but also to elevate the person. I have always been in favour of using makeup in a very personal way, so I am developing products that can have the effect of bringing power to one’s character, identity and image. That idea of freely enhancing your favourite and most raw elements of yourself, is why I consider this first campaign a very strong one. I believe that a woman can be understood through her makeup.

How would you describe your own personal beauty look?

At the moment I’m really obsessed with this clear liquid lipstick because you can put it on your lips and on top of every colour that you use. You can also use it on your eyes, which is something I really love doing — I love adding something shiny, like a highlighter without shimmer, so it’s just a glassy transparency.

What do you think is the biggest beauty faux pas?

I think sometimes, when it comes to foundation, people tend to use a little bit more than they need. I think that there’s this huge trend of using very mask-like products, but I like to see the woman through the makeup. Colour does not have to be ‘overdone’ — it can be simple and precise and still evocative.

Where do you call home?

I would say both Italy and London! I feel like there’s a part of me that is very Italian, like the fact I’m incapable of not being not being in touch with my emotions and my instincts. I’ve been in London for 23 years though and it has influenced me a lot.

No mascara or no lipstick?

No lipstick!

If you were limited to just one product for life, what would it be?

I can’t live without lipstick and concealer. Even if I’m at home, I will do my skincare routine and then I’ll put concealer on. I always choose balmy, seamless textures. If I’m going out, it depends on how I feel. Sometimes I might do my eyes a little stronger or my lips a little bolder. All of it has to do with how you feel. Shop Byredo Beauty online here

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  • Interview by Naomi Chadderton