Ten Minutes With Delos Founder Artem Del Castillo

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Photographed by Mariano Vivanco

Creating vibrant, mindful wardrobes for the modern traveller, Artem del Castillo delivers a state of boundless escapism season after season with Delos

As the old saying goes, ‘to travel is to live’, and no-one knows that better than Artem del Castillo. Founder, creative director and self-proclaimed captain-in-chief of the dreamy RTW label Delos, named after the mythological Greek island said to have been the home of Apollo and Artemis, Castillo is renowned for fusing contemporary designs with time-honoured techniques such as the ancient Japanese dyeing method of shibori. The result? Eclectic collections that are comfortable, stylish and alive with colour. We speak to the man himself about traditional craft, the importance of fluidity, and the never-ending joy of wanderlust.


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On the ‘modern nomad’…

I’ve always loved to travel. For me every trip is an opportunity to grow and to gain a new perspective. I feel that we live in a moment of profound cultural change — people are discovering new ways to maximise experiences and to express themselves. They want to embrace modernity through exploration, introspection, imagination and engagement with the world around them. I founded Delos to celebrate this state of wanderlust, and to provide them with a wardrobe that supports them in feeling confident and at home, no matter where they are.

On comfortable cuts and silhouettes…

I wanted to design clothes that were soft, functional, non-constrictive and inherently beyond season. I want them to inspire the sense of adventure, joy or celebration. I want those who wear Delos to be able to dance, hug, move freely and fall in love.

On the power of silk…

It has its own life in the most organic way. I love how it catches the light, how it moves, how fluid it is. And then of course there is the way it feels against the skin. There’s unfailing elegance to wearing silk. It elevates the way you feel and I consider it a natural mood-enhancer.


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On the Greek influence…

I named the brand after the mythological Greek island of Delos, the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis. I became completely enamoured with it during Anthony Gormley’s exhibition there a few years ago — it was amazing to see such a powerful mix of eternal and modern set against the backdrop of azure Aegean water and sacred granite rocks. Everything fell into place that day. I’ve always been fascinated with ancient Greece and its graceful clothing. I think this fascination subtly emerges in our collections.

On the importance of nurturing artisans…

I am a great believer that traditional craftsmanship and artistry must be respected. We need to look to the future by preserving fair and transparent practices passed down from generation to generation. Working hand in hand with small scale makers, I hope for Delos to give work back to communities, give them a voice, and to celebrate them.

On a genderless approach

I love seeing my circle of friends being free when they approach what they wear. This feels very natural right now, and so much of our collection is quite fluid. I think it’s both modern and timeless.


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On the SS23 collection…

It was inspired by the hues of Costa Careyes, where I was lucky to spend some time living within the local community. It’s an otherworldly place with dreamlike architecture surrounded by wild nature. It holds a very special place in my heart, and so I tried to translate my memories of it into the most complex shiboris we’ve done to date. I loved reliving my time there through fabric. I think we have achieved some marvellous colour spectrums.

On the use of vibrant hues featured in the SS23 campaign…

Some of the most vivid memories from my time in Mexico, and travel in general, are the sunrises and sunsets. They never get old and it’s impossible to watch them and not dream. For this campaign I was fortunate to work with my old friend Mariano Vivanco, and so we tried to recreate those dreamy moments when the day draws to a close. For me the result is very moving and full of magic.

On breaking into the fashion market…

I have a long history working within and with fashion. I am an ex-editor, I’ve worked in PR and luxury travel, and have advised a diverse clientele on everything from fashion to art to interiors. My own brand feels like a natural and logical progression. I find with Delos I am working closely with lots of people in the industry whom I have known for many years. It’s a joyful step.


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On what’s next for Delos…

We will continue to build upon the Delos foundations, evolving at pace with our audiences, and leaning into the ever-changing lifestyles they lead. We plan to expand our range and will add soft tailoring, knitwear and swimwear, all of which feel intuitive and timely. We will continue reimagining heritage materials and crafts, turning them into purposeful objects. We will carry on exploring, learning and reflecting. I am very excited about the many roads ahead.  Shop now

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  • Interview by Kelly Baldwin