Nine Chanel Cruise Accessories We Can’t Stop Thinking About

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“The idea is to offer a breath of fresh air, a voyage, a light-hearted and happy fantasy,” says Virginie Viard of the 2023 Chanel Cruise collection. The light-heartedness is apparent throughout the nostalgic collection that pays homage to the trends that stole hearts in Los Angeles, California over the decades. 1960s suiting, 1930s party-ready pieces, 1980s athleisure complete with ankle warmers are “between a tribute to the glamour of great film stars and evoking the world of fun to be had with aerobics, sports and roller skating,” according to the artistic director. While each ensemble was as fabulous as the next, it was the accessories that stole the show. Below are nine of MOJEH‘s favourite accessories from the 2023 Chanel Cruise collection.

Watch the show here

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