How To Travel in Style With Bella Hadid

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From flared jeans to statement sneakers, here’s what you need to nail Bella Hadid’s travel style

This year, we’ve seen Bella Hadid fly from Tokyo to Dubai and everywhere in between, and with each destination, Bella wore statement pieces that are perfect staples for your own travel wardrobe. She gave us some serious 70’s vibes with her embellished flared jeans on her recent trip to China. With just a simple white T-shirt and a leather jacket, the jeans amped up her entire outfit. Pack a pair for a simple style solution. Or simply slip into a light, form flattering dress like Bella’s red and cream checked number; a quick piece to make your holiday mornings easier. Framed-sunglasses are the runway model’s go-to accessory when travelling, adding retro-glamour to every outfit. The model’s best travel trip? Invest in statement sneakers; they add an edge to any outfit, without losing comfort when touring a new town.

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