Love Balinese Style? Here’s How To Bring The Boho Vibe Into Your Home

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From rattan furniture to artisan finishings, here’s how to inject a touch of Bali into your interiors — and create a serene, conscious crib 

wood culture

There is no shortage of inspiration to be found in Bali – its ancient temples and palaces, lush jungles and terraced rice fields make it an island of unparalleled beauty. Whilst relocating to Bali might not be a realistic life choice (and travel to the destination currently on pause), bringing the essence of Bali into your home in Dubai is definitely a possibility.  This interior change requires a blend of influences from nature and culture, and there are a few key elements to start with. Here, homegrown brand, Wood Culture, shares its tips and tricks on how to re-create Balinese style at home.

Get That greenery: Allowing the outdoors to harmonise with the indoors is the first essential step for channelling the serenity of a paradise like Bali. Invest in some vibrant plants and pot them in artisanal seagrass baskets or planters.

Go Au Naturel: The Indonesians are known for incorporating natural materials into their furniture. Opt for a solid teak coffee table or a one-of-a-kind driftwood side table, which can be made to measure to suit your unique home. Neutral and natural tones work really well when paired with lush plantings and bamboo screening. Natural bamboo is used a lot in Bali  and can make for an easy, and fast-growing living green wall.

Day Bed Dreams: Cabanas are an easy way to create an instant holiday feel in your own backyard. They are also ideal for a comfortable, open-air room that provides protection from the sun’s rays. Wood Culture have day beds that can be purchased directly – alternatively, if you are looking to cultivate something a little different, we can make your day bed dreams a reality at our workshop.

wood culture

wood culture

A Tropical Touch: Add to your Bali aesthetic with tropical-themed dinnerware and table settings. Wooden bowls, woven table runners and bamboo placemats can really enhance a holiday aesthetic when entertaining, or just enjoying an easy meal at home.

Make Room For Rattan: Get yourself some rattan furniture. This light and woven wood is very popular in Indonesia and can add character to any home. It doesn’t have to be a rattan chair, as wardrobes and ’70s-esque drinks cabinets can add a hint of Bali to any room.

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