These UAE Ramadan Campaigns Are Raising Funds For Gaza

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Dubai Cares and Emirates Red Crescent are donating to those in need this Ramadan

Ramadan is a time for peace, reflection and togetherness where families and loved ones gather to break their fast come sundown. This Ramadan, citizens in Gaza have been left without food, peace and, for many, family members, due to the ongoing atrocities and acts of violence that have cost the lives of over 31,000 Palestinians and displaced millions. Charities in the UAE have implemented Ramadan campaigns to assist people in the Gaza Strip during the Holy Month, offering essential aid.


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Dubai Cares has launched a Ramadan fundraising campaign called Gaza In Our Hearts to provide urgent care to those in the Gaza Strip. Funds will go towards the distribution of hot meals, food baskets and emergency shelter tents. Dubai Cares has partnered with aid-distributing organisation Anera (American Near East Refugee Aid) which will work closely with UN, diplomatic and non-governmental organisations to open aid corridors and ensure prompt and efficient delivery.

The Ramadan Continuous Giving Campaign by Emirates Red Crescent will support families in need throughout the UAE and around the world, with a focus on Gaza. One of its key initiatives is to provide 10,000 Iftar meals to Palestinians per day alongside Eid clothing and Ramadan food parcels. Residents in the UAE can physically donate to any of the 321 Emirates Red Crescent donation sites throughout the region. Meanwhile, donations are still being accepted through the Tarahum – For Gaza campaignFind the list of collection sites here

MOJEH advises practicing internet safety and exercising caution when donating through online sources.

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