Iraqi Artist Rand Abdul Jabbar Wins The Richard Mille Art Prize

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Multidisciplinary artist Rand Abdul Jabbar is only the second-ever recipient of the coveted prize

Iraqi artist Rand Abdul Jabbar has been awarded the Richard Mille Art Prize for Earthly Wonders, Celestial Beings. Her work engages with cultural narratives while reconstructing historic events and past experiences through thought-provoking sculptures and installations. The accomplished multidisciplinary artist has exhibited at Shubbak Festival in the UK, SAVVY Contemporary in Germany and Biennale d’Architecture d’Orléans in France alongside a plethora of renowned regional galleries. She was shortlisted by a five-member jury which includes His Highness Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan bin Khalifa Al Nahyan.

Earthly Wonders, Celestial Beings on show at the Louvre Abu Dhabi Art Here Exhibition in 2022

Rand Abdul Jabbar showcased her work at the Louvre Abu Dhabi Art Here Exhibition in 2022 and is only the second artist to be awarded the $60,000 prize. “The Richard Mille Art Prize represents a significant investment in the growth and development of an artist’s practice, instilling both the capacity and drive to forge ahead in their pursuit,” explains the artist. She was awarded during a lavish gala dinner at the museum complete with star-studded performances; the extraordinary event marked a ten-year partnership between Louvre Abu Dhabi and the Maison. “This is a celebration of our ten-year partnership with Louvre Abu Dhabi and ten incredible artists from the region, whose work was inspired by their cultural roots and heritage,” says Peter Harrison, CEO, Richard Mille EMEA.

Richard Mille and Louvre Abu Dhabi presented a mystical gala dinner to mark the second edition of the Richard Mille Art Prize

The Richard Mille Art Prize brings the region’s leading art collectors and connoisseurs together to celebrate the accomplishments of the shortlisted artists. “Providing a platform for artists to demonstrate their work has always been a major tenet for us at Louvre Abu Dhabi,” explained Dr. Souraya Noujaim, Louvre Abu Dhabi’s Scientific, Curatorial and Collections Management Director. “I am looking forward to seeing all that these artists will achieve soon.” Apply for the Richard Mille Art Prize 2023 here

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  • Images courtesy of Richard Mille