My Tokyo

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Designer Olivia von Halle shares with us her favourite city. See Tokyo through the eyes of this blonde beauty. 

Olivia von Halle is available through

Olivia von Halle is available through

Why Tokyo:

For me, Tokyo is the coolest city in the world. The first time I visited I was with my husband for the weekend, we were living in Shanghai and so it was only a couple of hour’s flight. We had an absolute blast and both fell in love with it

Favourite sunbathing spot: 

Hayama’s Isshiki Beach – it’s where the Emperor spends his winter holidays

Bar to while away the evenings:

Blue Moon

Place to get lost in:

Tokyo Hands is 10 floors of heaven – a department store selling everything from electronics to stationary and kimono accessories, it’s an amazing way to spend a few hours

Secret shop:

Everyone has a store in Japan, which is perfectly suited to them – it’s just a matter of finding it. Mine is GR8, in La Foret, Harajuku

Favourite culinary delight:

Okonomiyaki at Gonpachi, Minato

How many days to see it all:

You need at least four days, but once you’re there you’ll wish it were longer

Suggested travel partner:

Tokyo is great no matter how many of you go. I’ve been with my husband, on my own and recently with 40 friends for a wedding

Images Courtesy of Getty Images and @oliviavonhalle (Instagram)

Adventure spot:

Climbing Mount Fuji

Best work-out:

Join in one of the yoga classes in Yoyogi Park

Best place to rest your head:

The Park Hyatt Tokyo – most famous for its role in Sophia Coppolla’s movie Lost in Translation

Best spa treatment:

Spirit of Peninsula body treatment at The Peninsula Tokyo hotel

Favourite memory:

Leaving the nightclub Womb and walking through Tokyo as the sun rose – the whole city was pink

Music to listen to while there:

The club’s play techno and house music and the atmosphere is always amazing

Chill out spot:

Shinjuku Gyoen – a stunning park in the heart of Tokyo. It’s the perfect place to lie on the grass and watch the world go by

Time of year:

In early April, it isn’t too hot and it’s cherry blossom season – when the streets and parks of Tokyo erupt into a sea of pink flowers

Final words:

It is very peaceful and everyone is so respectful. It would be my dream to live in Tokyo, because I feel completely at home there.